Best 5 MIG Welding Wire Reviews For Mild Steel (2021)

The mig welding process has a number of applications and along with that it is a great choice as the learning curve is also small. If you are new to the welding sector or you are the one who has great knowledge it is important for you to know that the MIG welding has vast number of uses. But before you get to work and perform the uses then for that you need the best of mig wires.

Best 5 MIG wire for mild steel

In this article you will know about various purposes for which it can be used and the flexibility or the durability of the mig wires in various projects.

Welding city ER70S-6 mild steel mig welding wire

By using this tool you get great results without spending much money. This mig welding wire is wrapped in plastic and due to this reason it is resistant to moisture. The wire will come in best condition.

The pool is of 8 inches and is 11 pounds weight. The diameter is around .030 inches.


  • The wire works suitably well as the other wires of expensive range.
  • The feeding by this is done smoothly. You wont find any issues regarding the snagging and jerking.
  • The manufacturer of this product has worked upon the packing so you wont find any issues. The wire wont be contaminated with water or any sort of dirt. This is a very important point that you need to know as while you are welding the material should be clean.
  • In one pack you will get 2 rolls of wire. This means that you are saving more money.


  • There are issues regarding the broken spool.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • It is good for fast jobs and easy work.
  • There are no feeding issues.
  • Feeding is done smoothly.

Inefil ER70S- Carbon steel mig solid welding wire

This welding wire has a tensile strength of 510 MP and this the ideal choice that you would require for the welding operations. You can use this welding wire for any sort of welding application that is automobile repair, construction projects and it will give you the best outcomes.

You are benefitted from the low spatter properties of the welding wire. By using this you are able to do the welding easily and with less effort. The beads that you use are very clean and are of seamless kind. The material of the welding wire is non porous in nature. The price is reasonable.


  • Many people do not believe that this welding wire is so affordable. But even at the low price the performance of the welding wire is great. And with it you are able to do a lot of work as compared to the expensive wires which cannot do much work as like this.
  • The quality of the wire is found to be better than the other wires tried out.
  • Splatter created by the wire is much less as created by the other wires. The wire can be wound very smoothly on the spool. The wire does not cause any issues and you can work continuously with it.
  • The diameter of the wire is also of required consistency. It is actually noticed that the cheap wires lack consistency but this is not the case with this wire.
  • The beads of this wire are also very good and it is smooth according to the users. The texture that we see is great.
  • The mig wire has a very low price according to the quality and consistency it shows.


  • The wire cannot be wound tightly on the spool.
  • The copper coating is not up to the mark.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • It does not rust.
  • It is not cross wound.
  • It has light copper flash.
  • It welds very well with automatic body restoration.

TGB ER70S-6 MIG welding wire

This welding wire has been made with the combination of the silicon and the manganese content. Due to this reason you are able to use higher current and you can even use 100% carbon dioxide for the purpose of shielding. It will result in lesser clean up after the welding process.

This is an all-rounder choice for the welding applications. But if you are using materials that do not have too much rust oil or the mill scale then it is a very suitable one. You have the option of choosing different diameters and weights that you want to use.


  • It is better as compared to the other welding wires which are more expensive.
  • This is best suited for heavy usages. Since it has combination of both silicon deoxidizers and manganese therefore you can always have higher current with it.
  • It gives you smooth welding beads. You don’t require to do much cleaning after welding. This is the best suited for those who would wish to save time and effort.
  • The customer service is great and the issues if customers are dealt with good customer service.


  • The users go for the wooden spool as it is much better as compared to the plastic one.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • It works great on the milder fabrications.
  • It welds nicely and is cheap as compared to other wires in the range.
  • The quality is great.

Hobart H305406 carbon welding wire

You can do a number of welding tasks with the help of this welding wire. This welding wire does not have the porosity and it also has the deoxidizers that will give you the perfect welding experience. If you wish to do the construction work or some fabrications then this wire is highly suitable for you.

This welding wire will guarantee you with smooth beads. It gives you a clean surface and so you don’t need to clean it again and again.

If you have cleaner surfaces then you can do the cleaning more easily.


  • This wire is an all rounder wire and it does all kinds of Welding. So it is better that you have a spool for such kinds of work.
  • The feeding is done consistently. The snags are not at all irritating. It feeds consistently and smoothly.
  • Less splatter is produced by this welding wire. So if you want lesser mess and easy work you should go for this wire.
  • You need to do very less cleaning after the welding is done. Because it does not produce much mess and the most important thing is that you don’t need to deal with waste material.


  • Issues with this product are mainly with delivery damages.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • It feeds smoothly.
  • The plastic was broken in some cases.
  • The wire is found to be tangled and the spool to be broken in some cases.

 Harris E70S6F8 ER70S-6 welding wire

This welding wire is among those which you should have if you work with higher levels of argon. If you are using it then it is easily compatible with 100% carbon dioxide. Since the welding wire has large amount of deoxidizers therefore the shape of beads is flat.


  • The people are very impressed with the work it does. It is better as compared to the other mig wires.
  • The feeding process is done smoothly. The burning process is also smooth.
  • You get clean results after your welding is done.
  • The spool of the welding wire will last three time more than the other wires that you may get.
  • The wire is very affordable. If you have a low budget then this is a very good choice for you to make.


  • The welding wire is quite heavy.
  • Some users have received the damaged spool.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • This wire will last three times more than the other wires.
  • Feeding is smooth.
  • Burning is smooth.
  • Quality of the wire is great.

Which wire you should get for yourself

Feeds smoothly

As we know that smooth feeding is a quality point that is not present in most of the wires. So the welding city ER70 S-6 welding wire will give you smooth feeding feature. So with this feature you are able to do the feeding smoothly and without any issues.

So you can work continuously easily.

Easy in feeding:

The Inefil ER70 S-6 carbon steel welding wire will help you in feeding easily. Most of the wires do not feed easily and it is a very tiring work to feed them. This wire feeds smoothly. The size of this wire is consistent. The quality of the wire is high and it gives you the best results that you need.

The splatter created by this wire is also less as compared to the other wires.

High end wires

The TGB ER70S welding wire has high ends. This wire will be producing results same as the other high end wires. If you wish to have the same consistency in the high end wires then you don’t need to spend much money on the expensive wires. This wire will give you the same results as the high end wires give.

Budget friendly

The wire Hobart H305406- R22 might be cheap but it has all the features that you need and it is definitely going to meet your requirements.

The quality of this wire is similar to the expensive wires and it produces great results.

The clean up that is required is less.

Flat bead shape

The harris E70S6F8 ER70S-6 welding wire will give you the flat bead shape results. The wire will give consistency in the results.

The mig wires are most expensive of all in the welding sector. So when you are choosing the welding wire you ought to see the features along with your budget. If you are working on mild steel then the wires ER70S-3 and the wire ER70S-6 will be the best suited.

If you are working with materials that ae rust free and which are oil free too then you should probably go for the ER70S-3 welding wire.

You ca also choose this wire of you want the silicon island appearance. This appearance is usually found on the top of the wires and it has a glassy appearance.

If you paint it then it looks flaky.

If you are working upon materials that have contaminants then you should go for the ER70S-6 welding wire. These wires have a lot of deoxidizers so they will prevent a lot of contamination. More the amount of deoxidizers in the welding wire more will be their capacity to absorb the oxygen. These will help you to vaporize the contaminants. These mig wires are also very suitable for the seamless transitions.

Diameter of the wire

The diameter of the wire us very important as it maintains consistency. The wires which are not of specific size, are prone to cause arcing. This will lead to fused wire condition. So you need to be careful while buying wires. They should not be oversized. As they can ne damaging for you.


To get the best MIG welding wires with best features you should go through the above article. It will help you in knowing which wire is suitable for your suitable requirement.

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