Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy Mig Review

This particular welder is a very good option if you want it for small jobs. The jobs that have metals of size 1/8 inches can be used with this welder.

This welder has a number of features due to which using it us a great option and along with the features you get a number of safety options and the warranty. You can try using thus out and you will feel that it is really amazing.

Now let us see some of the features that might help us understand the good side of the welder and why using it is a good option for us.

Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder
  • Compact, portable and lightweight construction
  • Continuous wire feed speed adjustment
  • Ideal for welding mild steel from 24 gauge to 1/8" thick

Lincoln Electric MIG Welder Review


Below are mentioned some of the features of this popular welder. Lets see them and know why it is a good and suitable option for our use.


By using this welder you can weld two things separately. That is you can weld the flex core and the mig both. The output of this welder us about 35-88 amp and you can use it for a number of purposes or functions that makes it very suitable for you. This is handy too that adds up to its functionality.


This is a compact and easily portable welder. Along with this it is light in weight and you are able to carry it easily all around.


It has a safety feature that is called the cold contractor safety and due to this feature your wire will remain cold as long as you bring the trigger bear it. So this is an amazing feature and you don’t need to overlook it but always count the positive features while you are up to buying an appliance or a machine.


This welder will be offering you a warranty period of full one year from the day of purchase. So if you ae willing to repair or replace the parts then you can do it for a period of one year or within a year. This company is a leading brand and it has good name in the welding world.


This machine is one of the most affordable machines and you can get it under the range of 400$. If you wish to use the gas and wire both then thus machine is outstanding in terms of this.

Let us now jump onto the positive aspects of this machine.

Lincoln Electric


This machine also has a number of advantages. Let us see:

  • Compatibility: This machine can work easily anywhere. You just need to plug it in wither in your garage or in your home and it work as it does.
  • More life: The brand is trusted and it will be providing you with a number of fan cooled equipment. You can use it anytime you want and even whole day and you will love to work with it.
  • Extras: this welder has a number of 6 contact tips, along with a spool and a hammer brush.

It also has a nozzle, a regulator and also a hose that you can use for welding purposes.

Now after looking at the advantages let us also see some of the drawbacks of this machine.


Some of the drawbacks of this handy welder are given below. Go through it to know about the same.

  • No gas gauge: There is no gauge for gas and due to this reason you will not know whenever you would be having lesser gas. But if you plan accordingly this drawback is eradicated and obviously there are ample number of features due to which this drawback is not of so much importance.
  • Lesser capacity of the spool: You can use this welder but it wont be suitable if you need to use it with larger spools. It might be annoying but it would require re spooling. But the transport feature of this welder erases this drawback.


Is the wire of good quality that is available with it?

Yes, the wire is of great quality and it uses only quality materials in it.

Are there any limitations? If yes then what?

Yes, it has limitations. You can use it with only 1/8 inches of steel and you cannot use it with more thickness.

Is there any regulator with this welder?

Yes, there is a simple regulator installed in this welder.

Is this welder typically a flex core welder, or you can use with gas too.

Yes you can use it with flex core welding and you can use it with the gas welding too.

Is there any warranty for the gun or the cable?

Yes the warranty is available. And it is upto 90 days after the purchase.

Now let us see the final pros and cons:


In the end we say that if you want good quality, it is long lasting and the welding is versatile in nature. So it is highly recommended if you wish to use it with the number of features. It is recommended that since it is a lightweight machine that you can easily carry it around with yourself. If you want it for a number of jobs or for small jobs then you should definitely go for this one. We have also listed best mig welders with best review as well which you may refer.

Along with the drawbacks, it has a number of features due to which the drawbacks are almost negligible and so it is a good choice if you want it for small jobs.


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