7 Best Welding Cart Reviews Buying Guide

Welding cart is part of any welding project, and it is used mainly to keep and carry all the welding equipment. Various brands are offering different shaped and sized welding carts. Even if you are enthusiastic enough, there are DIY ways to make a cart all on your own. The cart should always be hardy sufficient to hold all the gadgets needed for welding. So the material must be durable and reliable. The cart should have space to keep the gas tank and the storage tray for accessories. Also, the smaller equipment should be kept separately in a distinct place in the cart.
Using a welding cart saves you from many difficulties. 

While you are getting ready for any welding project, you may not be able to carry all the essentials in a single place. For that, you need a tidy cart which will contain all the equipment. Also, there is no chance of misplacing any smaller stuff if you are keeping them in the cart. At the time of welding, you can be sure that no item is missing and confidently work with the welding process. Basically, a cart acts like an assistant who is holding all the gadgets for you and handing it over to you when you need it. Welding requires a high level of concentration, so you should not get diverted worrying about what to find where.

Now we will discuss the best welding carts available in the market. Also, we will let you know which features make which cart an ideal buy. So now, go on to read the top picks and reviews of the best welding carts.

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Hot Max WC100 Welding Cart​

hot max welding cart
  • Features

    All steel construction with durable finish

  • Specs

    Extra storage tray for accessories and equipment

  • Pros

    Fits most MIG and plasma machines

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Top Welding Carts : Our Expert Picks

7 Best Welding Carts – Reviews

1. Hot Max WC100 Welding Cart

hot max welding cart
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The Hot Max WC100 cart is just the perfect equipment for any MIG or plasma cutting operation. The cart is made of durable steel. The finish on the construction makes it ideal for the last for years quickly. The cart comes with a pull handle, which works perfectly when you try to carry it somewhere. Also, the handle is placed in such a way that the gun lead is not disrupted. The back wheel is 6 inch and the front castor is 2 inch. These features make the cart most comfortable to move around. The gas tank can be securely placed in this tank as it comes with two safety chains. If you are planning to do MIG welding, then this feature will undoubtedly come handy for you.

There is an additional storage tray in this cart, and you can use that for keeping other accessories. The lead hooks on the side of the cart enable cable management, as there will be no chance of getting the cable tangled. MIG cutters or Plasma cutters will find it most useful. You need to assemble the pieces after the item is delivered, as it does not come in assembled form. The total weight of this cart is 33.8 pounds, which shows that it is a sturdy product to last long.

The assembling barely takes 30 minutes, and then you will see the cart ready before you. This is a well-designed cart, which is heavy-duty too. The durability and functionality is impressive of this cart. The instruction manual that comes with the product quickly describes the process, and it is very much understandable. 

The connecting bolts and nuts are impressive too. The nut is long enough to hold by hand until the locking side is fully engaged. The nut just snugly fit the socket wrench, thus providing you ample fit for the cart. A few extra nuts are provided in the package to ensure that you get to use them if you lose one of two while working on the assembling. The room for the bottom shelf can be used to hold your welding helmet. The middle shelf is lipped and it can be used to keep the essential equipment like the pliers, wire spool, and so on. This cart will give you enough reason to buy a welding cart instead of making out one by a DIY method.


  • Additional storage tray
  • 6 inch back wheel
  • Steel construction
  • Durability
  • Safety chain for cables
  • Great manual for assembling


  • Heavyweight
  • High price

2. ZENY Portable Welder Cart

welder cart
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This cart is unique due to many reasons. The first thing that will make you want this cart is the wheel that is moveable into every direction. The multi-directional wheel gives this cart an extra benefit, and thus it is very much popular among the MIG welders. The front casters are two in numbers, and those are placed at 360 degrees. 

You can quickly turn the direction of the wheels as they are most flexible by nature. There are two large rubber wheels as well, and they add stability to the cart. The ZENY Portable Welder Cart is much durable and robust a product. It can hold upto 100 lb of weight. Build of solid steel; this one can take high load easily. If you are buying a cart for long term use, then get this one. It can offer help to all kinds of welding, be that MIG, TIG, ARC, or plasma cutting.
There are four drawers in the cart, and they can be used for storing tools. 

This will accommodate all your welding tools and organize all the equipment at a single place. If you get all the tools and supplies handy at the time of welding, it will improve your welding as you will be able to concentrate more on the work. The top drawer of all the four is lockable so that you can keep the essential and small equipment here. There are two safety chains in this cart. They are at the back of the cart. The chains are meant for keeping the gas tank for the MIG welding purpose. The cart is pretty moveable and easy to carry. It comes with four wheels, two of them are universal and rest two are fixed. You can easily carry the cart from one place to another with the help of these wheels.

The hose clamp of this cart is flexible, and you can make it for any length that you can. It comes with three clamps as well, and you can tighten the hose with the help of those clamps to make it a firmly fitted one. But try not to overdo the screws as that can harm their threads. The smooth-rolling of this cart makes it a favorite choice among the welders. You can easily let the cart hold all the gadgets and move them around the places safely.


  • Strongly built
  • Premium steel make
  • Smooth movement
  • 100 lb holding capacity
  • Organized drawers


  • Difficult assembling
  • Difficulty in wire spool replacing

3. Yaheetech Universal Welding Cart

universal welding cart
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The cart we are discussing now comes with 3 tier storage. Due to three tiers, the Yaheetech Universal Welding Cart will provide you ample room to keep all the equipment safe and sorted. This is the right cart to keep the welding gadgets organized and handy. The top shelf is tilted, which can be used to keep the tools accessible. The welder storage is spacious and it is able to hold all the items in place. The rear shelf will safely hold the gas tank. This will work as a garage for your work station. The cart is made of premium standard metal, which ensures the durability and longevity of it. The solid structure offers high load capacity, and this means this cart can be used to keep all the heavy gadgets safely.
The PVC wheels ensure that the cart can be moved from place to place easily with heavyweight on. Yaheetech Universal Welding Cart is fully painted, and thus there is no chance of rusting or corrosion. You can safely use this cart for a long period. It can hold up to 176 lb of weight, and the strong built ensures that it will not fall apart. As it can prevent wearing off with its fully coloured body, strength and durability is enhanced that way.
The cart is heavy duty by any means, and it comes with four heavy-duty PVC casters and two swivel casters at the front, angled at 360 degrees. The font casters control the movement of the cart, and that also ensures that the cart can be moved in every direction. There are two big rear wheels as well, and these offer the optimum stability of the cart. This cart is just perfect for both home use and workshop use. This is a must-have cart for any kind of welding projects. You can use this cart for MIG, ARC welding or plasma cutting operations.


  • Nice and sturdy wheels
  • Strong handle
  • Painted body
  • Premium steel construction
  • Spacious shelves
  • Carry 176 lb weight


  • Wiggling wheels
  • A bit top-heavy

4. XtremepowerUS HD Welding Cart Universal

welding cart
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This is a heavy-duty caster that works perfectly for all kinds of welding projects. The item comes with two swivels and 2 fixed wheels. The caster front wheels are swivel and rear wheels are fixed to give the cart the right amount of motion when it is needed. There are three shelves in the XtremepowerUS HD Welding Cart, and you can keep the equipment safely sorted in those shelves. The cart is moderately priced. But the service it offers is fantastic and extraordinary. If you can modify the handle and mount it outside, then the cart is just ready for any kind of welding.

This cart can be used for flux core set up, and also for the solid core MIG. But if you face a problem for stable core MIG operation, as the tank hits the welder, then go for some standoffs, so the tank is held away from the back. For plasma cutting job, no modification is needed for this cart. The cart is perfect for flux welder. This is a sturdy piece and needs no time in assembling. Also the process of assembling is pretty easy and you can do it on your own.

The cart rolls around quickly, so you can make it go anywhere. The extra space to keep the gas tank is a plus for this item, as you do not have to worry about where to keep the tank. The instruction that comes along with the package is much clarified and you need to read through once to know how it works.
The cart offers value for money as the price is quite low. So you get a great product at a very moderate price. The product is great for small-time jobs, and it will offer you excellent service during welding. Right quality wheels and smart assembling won this cart great review from most of the users.


  • Sturdy make
  • Smooth wheels
  • Spacious shelves
  • Easy assembling
  • Fit for all welders set
  • Carry 176 lb weight


  • Handle mounted inside
  • Short rear wheel rod

5. Eastwood MIG TIG plasma welding cart

plasma welding
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The brand Eastwood designed this cart to offer maximum service to the welders, and thus it is full of useful features. This cart can accommodate all the equipment as well as the bottle, so no worry about holding the equipments safely. This cart has a top shelf that holds the welder. The bottom shelf can hold the plasma cutter securely. The middle shelf can be used to keep the other welding accessories.

There is a gas bottle mount that can incorporate the TIG rod holder along with six different tubes. The top shelf is designed in such a way that the side access door on the MIG can be opened, but the welder need not be taken off the cart. Thus this Eastwood MIG TIG plasma welding cart is scientifically designed to keep the job easy for the technicians.
The front castor wheels are as heavy-duty as the molded rear wheels. The cart comes with a black satin powder-coated finish to prevent it from rust and corrosion for long years. There is a cut out in rear, which allows the plasma cutter cable to rout through. These unique features make this cart eligible for all kind of welding operations. The cart can hold up to 125 CF gas bottles, along with that there is front-mounted handle, which makes the cart easy to move around the workshop. There are two side hooks to keep the cable safely without getting tangled. The Eastwood MIG TIG plasma welding cart assures 100 percent customer satisfaction with its unique and user-friendly features.

This is not a very expensive cart, and that is the best part of it. You can get a great quality product at a moderate price and that makes it even better deal. There are plenty of extra bolts, washers and nuts which can help you assembling or later in fixing the cart. This cart is intended for smaller welding works, but keeping the sturdiness and longevity in mind, you can try it for bigger projects as well.

This is a solid cart with all the features rightly installed in it. You can easily use this machine at your workshop or for garage maintenance purposes. This cart is pretty much accessible and also ensures longevity. With the help of fender washer, you can fix the bolts, machine bolts, and nut side bolts if you find the hole a bit wider. 


  • Great for small welding jobs
  • Ample space for equipments
  • Storage for the gas tank
  • Great customer service
  • Superb design


  • Not for heavy work

6. Klutch Compact Locking Welding Cabinet

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This is one of the greatest MIG TIG welding carts which offers ample support to the welders during intensive projects. This can be doubled as the storage area for many of the welding gadgets. The cart is very much handy product and is compact in its functionalities. The gas bottle can fit inside it, so you do not have to buy a bigger cart to sort that issue. There are tall rear wheels and wide track within them. So the easy movement is not an issue. 

There is a storage area underneath and that also comes with a door and locks. Here you can keep the essentials and the smaller equipments and after locking this cabinet, you can be sure that there is no chance of misplacing them.

The sturdy metal makes of Klutch Compact Locking Welding Cabinet makes it an exceedingly durable product. You can store the cart under benches or shelves as it is not very high, so comfortable in storing anywhere. 

There is a stowaway compartment that has a locked door, and it is spacious to store the welding helmet and gloves securely. The solid rubber tires and front casters make this cart moveable, and you can carry it anywhere in the garage or home. The rubber wheel at the back are six inches high and gives ample support to this cart.
It is a smaller and lighter cart with larger wheels. There are built-in cable wrap hangers to keep the safety of the cable. 

The equipment will rest here in an organized way and there is no chance of falling them on the ground. You can use it for home projects and can move it easily with the help of smooth wheels. This does not have great carrying capacity as this frame is lightweight and smaller in size, but those who are searching for compact carts for home maintenance purposes will find it most suitable. It is easy to assemble, and you can do it within a few minutes at home.


  • Smart and compact cart
  • Easy to move
  • Locked cabinet
  • Easy assembling
  • Hooks for cables


  • High price
  • No latch on the cabinet door

7. VIVOHOME Iron 3 Tier Rolling Welding Cart

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This is a heavy-duty cart with high-quality metal construction. The full black coating enables the cart to stay intact for long years. The reliable and rustproof cart will offer you sturdy service for years to come. The thick sheet made body allows you to put 176 lbs weight, and thus it is guaranteed for long term use. 

  • This cart has a 3 level shelf design with ample space to accommodate all the necessary welding equipments. 
  • The top shelf is tilted and thus enhances the chance of getting the material handy when you are welding. 
  • The rear shelf is spacious to offer you a place for gas tanks. Not only that, it comes with chains to keep the gas tank safely in its place.

There are four heavy-duty swivel castor made from PVC rubber. Two front wheels make the cart move quickly. It also makes the cart move into all the directions as these come with 360 degree angled rotation. There are two big back wheels as well, that offer the stability to the cart. When the cart is carrying heavy loads, these back wheels make it stand strong by giving it enough support.

The cart is ideal for heavy welding purposes. You can use this cart to transport and store the MIG, TIG arc welding, and plasma cutting equipment. Also, there is room for hoses, helmet, and gloves needed for welding purposes. You can use this cart at home garage or in the workshop as the cart is a multi-tasking item. This massive thing does not need much time to assemble, and you can do it simply following the manual. You can put 110 welders or smaller plasma cutter into VIVOHOME Iron 3 Tier Rolling Welding Cart.


  • Metal frame
  • PVC made wheels
  • Heavy load capacity
  • Rust-free coated body
  • Large storage
  • Great price


  • Heavy item

What should you look for when getting a welding cart?

  • Welding carts are used for keeping the welding equipment handy and safe. When you are planning to buy a welding cart you must remember a few points:
  • The welding tools include a helmet, gloves, welding machine in the supplies. In terms of accessories, it requires grounding cable, saw, grinder, sandpaper, wire brush, and other few essentials. All the items will be kept in the welding cart. So when you buy the welding cart, you must check for the ones which are made of high-quality metal sheets, the sturdier the better.
  • The cart should not be too heavy to move. The welding equipments are already heavy enough, so if your welding cart itself comes with a substantial body, then the maneuvering will be problematic.
  • The warranty is an important aspect when you are buying a pricey welding cart. So you must check with the manufacturer for the warranty offered on the product.
  • The rust-free body is a must, which can be obtained by the powered coating on the frame. This way, you can make sure that the welding cart will last long.
  • The handle of the cart should be compatible, and you must feel it easy to move it along the places.
  • The wheels should be made of PVC rubber, which is the best quality rubber. It ensures that the cart moves quickly and also stands firm with the weight of all the welding equipment on.


Welding carts are a necessity if you are welding for a long time. Also, if you are a beginner, then a welding cart will help you get the right equipment handy. It is a must for keeping all the gadgets safely stored, along with the gas tank. So if you have not yet decided to get one, be ready to bring it from the store and enjoy your welding session in a more sorted way.

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