Best Welding Helmets Under $200 Reviews

If you want to make your welding experience better and also ay lesser so you are at the right place. Everyone wants to have a good experience with a new product and also pay less for it. If you have a bad experience with a new welding helmet then the value of the product almost vanishes for you and along with that your mood to use the product further also changes.

So to make your experience better and to get you some good welding helmets we have listed some of the best helmets under $200 for you. Although you can check review of best auto darkening welding helmets as well.

Best Budget Welding Helmets

These helmets have been tested first and then reviewed. You can see them at a glance along with their features and pros and cons. There is a buying guide too that will help you in knowing which attributes need to be considered while buying a helmet.

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1. Hobart pro welding helmets

The first helmet in our list is the Hobart pro welding helmet. This helmet is among the most comfortable helmets and the headgear has an excellent fit. The weight of this headgear is just 1 lb 9oz and there is no strain.

Apart from comfort there are a lot more features that are given by the helmets. The area of the helmets is larger than the other helmets. The price range is very reasonable and for this reason it is very good.

It has good viewing area and along with that it also has 4 arc sensors that give better protection and will be protecting you against the stains.The reaction time is also fast that is 1/30,000 seconds.

Pros (What we liked)

  • The reaction time is fast as compared to the other helmets.
  • The helmet is light.
  • The price is very reasonable.
  • The warranty period us of three years.
  • 4 arc sensors are provided.

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • The battery is used very fast.

Our Unbiased final Review:

  • The batteries don’t work for a longer period but the welds are very great.
  • It is light and cheap and there is no strain on the neck after using it.

2. Lincoln Viking 1840 welding helmet

The next helmet that we will be talking about is the Lincoln Viking 1840. This one is slightly expensive than the earlier one and the features also might ne less but is still suited for your purpose. The clarity is great though and vision is one of the most important criteria while selecting a welding helmet.

This helmet is made from nylon and polycarbonate and is therefore light in weight.

The helmet is extremely durable and along with that it is light too. The welding helmet will not cause any strain to you so you can easily do the welding.

The clarity of the welding is awesome and due to this reason it is considered in the best welding helmets. It also has a 4 C technology that helps you to get a better welding quality.

If you are finding a helmet that suits your budget this is really a good choice.

Pros (What we liked)

  • It has a grind mode, arc sensors and also comes up with a solar power source.
  • It is one of the reasonable helmets.
  • The welding is done strain free.
  • The clarity and the vision is super good.

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • The body of this helmet is extremely light in weight.

Our Unbiased final Review:

  • The quality of the helmet is really great and it is worth investing.
  • The headgear is comfortable and is really a good choice according to the performance.
  • There is no strain on the eyes too.

3. Yes welder LYG-M800H welding helmet

This one is the newest models that have come in the market and it is really a good choice. It is also among one of the cheapest helmets that have been listed.

The viewing area of this helmet is large that us 3.94×3.66”. It has great space and so it is very easy to see the welds clearly. Along with this you are also protected from the arc flash.

It has 4 arc sensors that is a plus point. The view of this is pretty very good. The optical clarity is 1-1-1-2. You also get true lens color technology that means the visibility is better and the green tint is reduced.

If you are having a low budget but still want to have a comfortable and durable helmet then this is the one.

Pros (What we liked)

  • The helmet has 4 arc sensors.
  • The vision is really good and the optical clarity is 1-1-1-2.
  • The green tint is reduced and there is no strain on tge eyes.
  • Viewing area is also more.

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • The straps of the helmet are not so strong.

Our Unbiased final Review:

  • It is one of the great helmets since it has 4 arc sensors in a really cheap price.
  • There are extra lens protectors and battery with it.
  • The screen is big and the clarity is also good.

4. Jackson insight digital welding helmet

The next helmet on the list is the Jackson safety digital helmet. The reason why this helmet is preferred is due to the comfort and the durability.

The helmet is light in weight and the helmet wont cause any strain on your neck and eyes too. The helmet has a good period of durability and since the weight is less it is more preferable.

The welds are better by using it and it uses some very important features. It involves 4 arc sensors. There are digital controls employed in it. Due to these controls your work is easy.

You can easily switch between the controls and modes. There us sensitivity control too that will help in improving the helmet.

Pros (What we liked)

  • The helmet has 4 arc sensors.
  • Does not cause strain on neck and eyes.
  • It is comfortable and light.

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • The corners get darker.

Our Unbiased final Review:

  • It is extremely strong and does good welds.
  • The controls are also good.
  • The grinding mode is also available.

5. Antra AH6-260 welding helmet

This welding helmet is found to be one of the best helmets as compared to the others that are found in the market. This is because the price range of the helmet is extremely reasonable and it is very comfortable and light.

The bank is safe and does not break and its protective ability is good as it protects your eyes and face too.

It is not flexible in nature so if you hit something it wont bend. But it can surely bear it and protect you.

The optical clarity is also very good that is 1-1-1-2.

This model comes up with a warranty of one year but is good against the price range it comes up with.

Pros (What we liked)

  • The optical clarity is quite good that is 1-1-1-2.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It is highly durable.

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • It is not best suited for industrial purposes.
  • It comes up with a warranty period of one year.

Our Unbiased final Review:

  • Some flickering defect is noticed by few users.
  • The band is comfortable.
  • The plastic covers are thin and the helmet is quite small.

Buyers guide for welding helmets

There are a number of welding helmets in the market and to choose the best one for yourself is the toughest task. So to make it easy here is a buyers guide that will make you clear with the attributes that you need to see while buying one.

Lens view

The vision us very important criteria for a welder. So while you are purchasing a helmet you need to check the lens height, width and the clarity.

Lens shading

Lens shading is also a very important feature. Every helmet comes up with a different shade. Some are dark, some are light and some are transparent.

You should go for the ones that give you UV protection too.

Auto darkening delay

When you lit the arc the shading of the lens gets darkened. This takes about .35-.1 sec. So better is the faster one.


The helmet should be for sure very comfortable and along with it should fir your head.


The best helmets are reviewed in this article. Make sure you get the best one and always check for the comfort and the vision. The helmets are below the range of 200$ so it is quite reasonable and affordable. But the quality is not compromised with the quality so you don’t need to worry. All the helmets are of good fit and really comfortable and are much more than they could be in the price range they are made available.

So check out these amazing helmets. You can decide better by looking to the reviews of the users.

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