AHP alpha TIG welding machine is one of the most pleasing machines that one can use for the welding purposes. This machine is among the cleanest machines and it will create no splatter.The welding machine is having a good and a flexible amperage range and is big in size too. It has a good arc stability along with 60% duty cycle. We have reviewed some of the top tig welders and AHP Alpha is listed as one of the best tig welder among the list.

It has the feature of handling anything that is between the range of ¼ inches in aluminium and 3/8 inches in the mild steel range. AHP alpha TIG is one of the best welding machines that is recommended for you and you should go for it whenever you think of welding something of this sort. In this article we will be discussing about the reviews of the alpha TIG 200X review.

AHP AlphaTIG 201DX
  • High visibility LCD screen
  • will do 1/4" aluminum and 3/8" mild stee and 110/220 volts and is capable of welding 7018, 6013
  • Advanced Inverter Technology with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Using IGBT technology
  • quality TIG welding on aluminum, stainless or steel and precise welding of thinner-gauge materials
  • unit features HF start tig and includes a foot pedal for great tig welding control and Operation

AHP AlphaTIG 201DX Welder Review and Buyer Guide

There is lesser waste generation and it is one the favourite machines among the welders. It is a fine machine that will produce great and beautiful welds for you. This machine might be a bit slow according to you but you may need some patience to deal with it and work with it.

It doesn’t matter that you are welder or not, you just need time to look at the AHP alpha TIG 200 X welder and use it with patience and it will help you in creating very fine art.

Now after having a brief introduction about the TIG welding machine let us now look at the features and the function of this machine. This will help us to have much more clear idea for how can we use it for our purpose.

AHp alpha

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Functions and features of the Machine

  • The weight of the machine is about 50 lbs that is 50 pounds. It is a machine that does not need much space and is easily portable.
  • As you can see the machine does not require much space so it can easily fit into your garage, small shop or the studio.
  • This machine also includes with it a number of accessories that you might require for controlling the switch and also the voltages. This welding machine us very suitable tor the professionals and along with it also for the beginners. The set up is quite easy so you don’t have to spend hours installing it.
  • There is a thin rod that is installed in it and you will love the precision with which the machine will be welding. You can absolutely use it for the fine and precision welds on your cars or motorbikes. You can also use it on your projects if you want a smoother surface. It will be enhancing the feel of your surface here too.
  • Now let us jump on to seeing some of the pros of the welding machine.

What we liked?

  • This welding machine is fine combination of the TIG welder along with the arc welder. This will be offering you projects that might be of stainless steel or the mild steel. The things that you need to consider while you are purchasing a machine is that it should be having a good amperage range.
  • We should be aware of the fact that more the amperage range of the machine, more versatile it will be. If your welding machine is having an output of 5-230 A that is the output of this machine so you must know that you can weld anything using it. That adds up to its advantage.
  • The current range that it uses is 200 amps along with the voltage to be 100-200 V. So we can say that it is a flexible machine that you can try using out.
  • Another most important feature of this machine is that if you are thinking of working with the steel then you must know that DC is sufficient for that. But you should also know that it will be offering you both capabilities that is AC and DC.
  • And if you use aluminium then your machine should be able the use the current in AC form. The AC current will help the users to clean the material and also weld it. So you can use the AC current.
  • AC current will help the welder to be able to erase and make the oxidation clean. And it also helps to weld it out. Now, if you are using AC and you also wish to balance out your controls, so this machine will be helping you to attune the welding. In this metal will be shortened or lengthened by making the welding cycles clean enough.
  • By using the IGBT technology you are able to use the switch off and on for your modes.
  • You can combine it suitably with the different arc stabilities and you can even use it with the 60% duty cycle. This will help you to work in long hours and will prevent the welder from overheating. By using this you can handle anything that is either aluminium or steel.

After we have seen the pros and the functions that this machine can perform. Let us now see some of the cons of the machine. You definitely need to know both the pros and cons of the machine. As it will be helping you to know more about the machine and will help you in making a better decision for buying it.

What we dislike?

As we know that this welding product is one of the best and that it has a lot of accessories along with it. The regulator of this machine is not calibrated nicely and you also have some chances that it might lead to a discrepancy value.

You need to know the learning curve for using it and of you are up to using it on the metals then you definitely need to know it.

The display screen of this machine will not be showing the amperage accurately as it should be. Also adjusting the knob wont help you as it wont change.

Let us now get onto the warranty information. It us very necessary that you check the warranty information before you are buying anything. Because any damage that is caused within the warranty period can be replaced and checked. So it is very suitable and suggestable that you go for it.


All the welders of the company AHP have a warranty period of 3 years from the day you buy it. Any breakage or malfunction can be repaired. The fault will with a replacement or a repair.

These products do have a warranty period mentioned on them whereas there is no warranty period on the items that can be consumed. The machines can be repaired without even returning the entire machine easily.



This machine has great combination of the TIG and the stick welders.

The amperage range is high, the capability of AC and DC is also quite good.

The arc stability is something that is very good in this machine and you can use this machine for the welding of steel as well as the aluminium. This equipment needs some work on the regulator and the display. But if we look at the cost, it is the best machine in this range. So this machine is worth buying and you should definitely go for it when you think of buying a good suitable welding machine.


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