10+ Best TIG Welders Reviews & Buying Guide (2021)

Welding is the process by which metals are joined using pressures, heat and with the help of some technical equipment. There are nearly 67 processes among which TIG is the most popular welding process.

The name TIG is derived from the use of Tungsten inert gas and thus it is known as gas tungsten arc welding as well. The process is an innovation of aircraft industry to weld magnesium. Also this is now used in fabrication of racing cars to weld aluminium and 4239 chrome- moly steel. The process is based upon the arc made by the welder between the base metal and the non-consumable tungsten electrode. This electrode never melts. The arc touches the base metal at one point and there the pool of molten weld is formed. A filler metal made wire is then slowly inserted into the weld metal pool and it is melted. There is an inert shielding gas that protects the process from oxygen contamination. The outcome is potent enough to resist corrosion as much as the parent metal.

The process needs electric torch, and the welder feeds the filler wire or rod into the molten pool. We have listed our best pick up and choice for best tig welder here, however you can also take a look on budget tig welders under $1000 if you have tight budget.

Here is Our Top Choice​

AHP AlphaTIG 200X​​

  • Features

    This welder comes with lots of features that make it easy to use, the portability and the technology makes it quite user friendly gadget.

  • Specs

    This one comes with easy going foot pedal control. Along with that there is AC balance control.The machine comes with HF start.

  • Pros

    3-year warranty, Very efficient, Conveniently portable and many more.

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Our Favorite Products On The Market [2019]

7 Best TIG Welders – Reviews

1. AHP AlphaTIG 200X

Ahp tig
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AHP AlphaTIG 200DX can be called the welder model with digital computer. This model comes with the stick function which makes it multifunctional gadget. This one is good for both the professional welders as well as hobby welders. The price is affordable and the outcome is professional. The dimension is 9x 13x 12 and it weighs 70 pounds. There is no push button computer control but only knobs on the control panel. The amperage setting is in the first row and setting for function remains on the second row that includes pulse frequency, post flow and pulse time.
The options of 2T and 4T mode are present in it. By clicking finger control one time you can turn the torch in 4T mode and a second click will switch it off.

  • This one comes with easy going foot pedal control. Along with that there is AC balance control.
  • The machine comes with HF start.
  • As you can avail both 2T and 4T mode on this single machine, no need to buy two separate machines to serve both the purposes.
  • The brand offers 3 years manufacturer warranty on the total unit and the accessories have 6 months warranty.


  • This welder comes with lots of features that make it easy to use, the portability and the technology makes it quite user friendly gadget.
  • This one has a vast range of ampere control which makes it versatile.
  • This one is pretty affordable and along with that it offers professional quality outcome.
  • The AC balance control is pretty useful.


  • The frequency range is limited to +- 5Hz.
  • For a beginner it may not be the easiest welder, and the manual does not help them either. There are many details which are not included in the manual, so it does not come handy for the first time welders.

2. Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 225 K2535-2

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Lincoln Electric has come up with the Precision TIG welder which is a great product by every means. This TIG welding machine weighs263 pounds and it works with 151 volts. This Ready-Pak machine offers TIG stick process to get initiated. The input in ampere scale is 42/39A and the output is 90A at 23.4V.

  • This one has built in TIG pulsar that helps to control the heat output in the welding process.
  • There is a digital meter and the controls are well spaced, and thus user friendly.
  • The TIG welder comes with the standard NEMA 6-50 plug which is attached to 9 ft. long input power cord as well as it has receptacles.


  • It works precisely and great for the first time welders, who are not professional.
  • There is adjustable post flow gas timer in this welder.
  • The AC balance can be manually controlled.


  • The product is 258 pounds of weight which means it is not a portable gadget.
  • Stick stinger and twist mate cable does not come in the package, one has to buy them separately.


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Everlast powerarc 160sth is the most lightweight and portable TIG welder and it possesses a few unique features like Hot Start and IGBT Infineon module. It uses inverter technology it comes with 169a HF TIG DC and stick which has a built in valve.

  • This welder works smoothly and in a stable manner, and it has DC arc low power consumption ability.
  • This one comes with 35% duty cycle.
  • The easy hot start initiates reduced electrode sticking and also there is auto regulated Arc Force control.
  • There is digital display for precise current setting which is a great benefit for the welders.


  • This is a portable TIG welder which comes with shoulder carrying strap and impact resistant carry case.
  • TIG kit is included in the package.
  • The gadget offers foot pedal capability which means it gets simple control over the full amp range.
  • The welder comes with adjustable post flow gas control.


  • This welder is not capable of doing 6010 rods.
  • Some users complained that the gas regulator was fitted loosely.
  • The gas intake coupling on the back is not fitted perfectly.

4. iller Maxstar 150 STL TIG Welder

miller tig wleder
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The Miller Maxstar is 150 STL TIG stick welder which is really lightweight and so, portable. This one is a DC output machine and it works with Lift-Arc technology. This is the reason it starts without the usual high frequency.

  • You can connect the multi voltage plug to a normal 115 to 230 volt power receptacle without the help of any tool.
  • As it uses the inverter based power source, it has got better arc stats and the weld puddle control is excellent with the help of TIG and stick setting. Those are included in the package.
  • It has built in gas solenoid and thus there is no need for a TIG torch that comes with a gas valve.


  • There is full function remote control so you can check the amperage precisely in time of critical welds on thin shields. Also foot control is available along with 6 pin fingertip.
  • There is Hot Start control which allows positive arc starts but no sticking is needed. There is fan on demand power source for cooling. It operates when it is required and it also reduces noise, pollutants as well as energy use.
  • There is single amperage range which helps to set the amperage accurately on 120 or 240 volt of primary power.
  • The welder comes with adjustable post flow gas control.


  • It does not perform really well for higher outputs, as it drops repetitively.

5. Everlast PowerPro 256S

tig review
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The Everlast Power Pro 256S welder works in both way, it is a stick/TIG welder as well as it cuts plasma. This portable unit works best for those who are working on roads. This one has IGBT inverter design and thus it provides ample power with great performance.

  • This one comes with full bridge design and the switching technology offers longer lifetime.
  • This works perfect for the on-site workers, as it is lightweight.
  • The controls, switches and gauges are easy to read and on that context it is much user friendly.
  • It works with IGBT Infineon Modules.


  • The welder package includes a high quality inverter.
  • The item comes in a rugged case.
  • There is feature for over voltage, over current and also there is duty cycle protection for over- heating.
  • Single pass is capable of ½” weld on AC TIG, 7/8” cut on plasma and ½” on DC TIG.
  • There is 5 years warranty on parts and labour of this welder.


  • This welder cannot work fulltime.
  • For home purpose use it is best fitted but the price is a bit too high on that ground. This is not a welder for the beginners.

6. Hobart 500551 EZ TIG Welder

hobart tig review
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The quality of Hobart 500551 welder is outstanding but for the beginners or the hobbyists the price is a bit put off. However, do not be ward off by the price as the word EZ in the name suggests how easy this welder is to work with.

  • This TIG welder comes with a rugged design and a portable body weighing only 50lb.
  • A TIG torch is included in the box along with the foot controller is included in the package which makes the welder easy to use.
  • This is less space taking with the dimension of 17x8x24 inch body.
  • You can weld from .81 to 4.8 mm of steel and aluminium with this EZ-TIG.
  • This TIG welder comes with two carrying handles which makes the machine even more portable.

  • In the package you will get a cable and a clamp along with a gas regulator and a hose. The manual gives you enough information to get the welder into work. The 12.5 ft power cord is rather helpful and thus you will easily work with this TIG welder.
  • Auto post-flow helps you to get the shielding for welding amperage. It also cuts down waste.



  • The welder can be switched to AC and DC so you can cut steel and aluminium both with this welder.
  • This one works with inverter based power source and you can trust this for consistency in welding.
  • The fan in the machine is automatically turned off so the dust production is lessened and longevity of the machine is expanded.


  • The price is only a minor con as you may find cheaper TIG welders in market with almost same features.

7. Lincoln Square Wave TIG 200

hobart tig review
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This TIG welder from Lincoln Square was introduced in October 30, 2015. This is one of the best TIG-Stick combination packages and it is pretty simple to use. The TIG option is useful to cut various metals like aluminium with precise on the point bead. With the thicker material of outdoor projects you can use Stick weld.

  • This one works with both AC and DC power option. For aluminium welding you can use AC TIG and for steel and chrome-moly welding you can take help from DC TIG.
  • The 120V outlet works perfectly to meet the house needs. For more power need the 230V outlet will be helpful. There are two power cords for each voltage as well.
  • There is simple interface in this TIG which offers on/off switch, the settings button which offers you to choose from various options at the top right corner, the big knob in the centre to adjust the chosen settings and another button under setting selector to choose the welding process.
  • The AC balance feature is a unique addition to the TIG welder. The range can be adjusted from 60 to 90 percent electrode negative.


  • This welder offers 60-150 Hz range of AC frequency, which means the number of times current changes from positive to negative per second.
  • The pulse mode offers 1 to 20 pulses per second allows the welder to have the pulsed current instead of constant current.
  • The inverter based design of 46 lb welder packs 200 amps power output. Foot pedal control is included in it.


  • According to some users the 10A output is higher than required, as some welding job requires 5 or lower amps.

8. Lotos Technology TIG200

hobart tig review
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This is a reputable and reliable welder for the accuracy of welding job. This can help the beginner welders but professionals can also use it fluently. It can be switched between 110 to 220 voltages and it can automatically detect the requirement for changing the options.

  • This one has HF start hand torch control which ensures more grip and functionality. The foot pedal helps to control the heat.
  • The dual voltage compatibility makes this welder makes it compatible with the standard household power plug and get the work done with maximum convenience.
  • This one comes with an additional accessory package that includes TIG torchTT132, ground clamp and cable, stick holding electrode holder, Argon regulator with hose, and foot pedal.
  • This welder never overheats which is a great thing. This is why it is great for the beginners as this welder comes with controls placed properly and worked functionally.
  • This has been integrated with the square wave inverter technology. This helps to weld aluminium with high accuracy. Mild steel and stainless steel or any weld metals above 3/8 of an inch of thickness can be welded with this TIG.
  • This is not an expensive gadget and you will not find any welder with similar range of features at the lower price.


  • The brand is trusted when we think of welding accessories. This is a top selling product from this brand.
  • This is a very reliable product. It is so versatile that it can work on your home projects as well as onsite jobs.


  • The welder does not come with Pulse feature.
  • If any part needs replacement, it is hard to be found.

9. Hobart EZ TIG 165i

hobart tig review
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Those who think that a good TIG welder costs thousands of dollars need to see this. The Hobart EZ TIG 165i does its work in a clean and neat way. This welder is great for the beginners as well as the professionals as it controls the weld bead precisely and cools down or heats up the molten pool according to the requirement.

  • This TIG welder has dimension of 17×9 7/8 x 23 7/8.
  • The welding amperage offers range between10 to 165 A for AC and DC modes.
  • The inverter based power source offers consistent working ability even if the power draw gets less.
  • This one works with HF starts so it is basically contactless and thus, material and tungsten contamination is not possible.


  • There is industrial warranty from Hobart’s for 1 to 5 years which is applicable to drive motors, transformers and guns.
  • The fan automatically runs and switches off as per the requirement so the dust does not get accumulated into the machine.
  • There is a simple knob to choose the right amperage for the thickness of material. The welder is portable and lightweight, so you can carry it to onsite easily. Also it is easy to set up and use.
  • The welder is flexible enough to switch between AC and DC power source.


  • If you do not have some welding skill then it may not be the best buy for you.
  • To cast iron welding this is not the ideal welder.
  • It is a bit pricey for the beginners or home uers.

10. Forney Multi-Process Welder

hobart tig review
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Those who are looking for a multitasking diversified and universal welder can have a look.  The Forney320 190 amp multi process welder helps to weld to MIG, TIG or with Stick weld and thus saves space and money at the same time.


  • Gas or flux cored MIG welding can be easily done by this welder. Along with that TIG and stick welding is also done by this one.
  • The gas hose and flow meter is available with the package which makes your job easy.
  • It can take up electrode with diameters of 1/8 inch and also some 5/32 inch diameters can be inserted into it.
  • There is warranty on this product which can be calculated as 5/3/1.  But some components are not covered by the labour of the warranty process.


  • The input power is 120V and 230V in one phase. The maximum output you can expect is 190 amps.
  • The maximum rated output is rated at duty cycle of 20%.
  • If you invest some bucks and upgrade it, then you will find this welder to work adequately.
  • This welder weighs 51 pounds which means it is portable.
  • The 15 feet power cord does not need any extension cord to get the work started.
  • You can see the best result if you use materials with the thickness of ¼’ or less.


  • It does not contain foot pedal, spool gun and TIG torch so you have to buy these things separately and it will increase your budget.
  • This is a DC only TIG welder and thus you should not try to weld aluminium with it. If you use MIG gun then a limited amount of aluminium welding can be done.
  • Do not expect heavy duty workload from it. This welder is good for household jobs.

Important Things To Consider When Buying a TIG Machine:

There are certain things you should keep in mind if you are looking for a TIG welding machine for the first time.

  • The first and foremost prior issue you should notice is if the welder you are buying is the best of the lot. Do not choose stick over other welders as this will emit too much fume and with aluminium the outcome will be of poor quality. The precision of working can be achieved only by TIG welders and this is also the choice of engineers.
  • The weld bead appearance is another major issue to worry about. If the welding is required for commercial purpose and the product is highly visible one, then the best choice is TIG. For nuclear work, piping or the root pass, all need the great finished look of TIG welding. But if your requirement is of great speed and not of finished look, then MIG will do a great job.
  • Thickness of metal is another factor. If you are a regular into welding or doing it as a hobby, you need to be sure which materials you will weld more often. If you are welding very thin bellows at three amps then you should seek a machine that works on low amperage. Or if you are welding something of five thousand inch thick sheet, then the common welding process like MIG or stick will come handy.
  • The machine should be portable enough if you are a worker of onsite, and along with that the machine should be able to work both on AC and DC input. Variety of metals need AC/DC combination power source so get MIG and flux cored if you are working with constant voltage and CC/CV if you need both TIG and MIG features.

Note: We have reviewed some of the best welding helmets.

Our top pick: AHP AlphaTIG 200DX

This is the best TG welder in our decision, and the reasons for behind this are:
This is an affordable machine that satisfies you with its features and functionality.
This is just the right kind of machine that works both for the beginners as well as the professionals and with ease. For the beginners it offers simple interface so they can just get it going.
This welder is also a winner in the price category, as it does not burn a hole in your pocket and yet gives you result of professional level.
Users have praised this welder for working on sophisticated and high priority jobs with utmost skill and precision.
The brand offers extensive dealer networks so you can get your machine repaired whenever and wherever you need.
The duty cycle of the machine is outstanding and the arc always stables down at 10 amps. So in every respect this is a reliable machine and we are glad to declare it to be the topmost TIG Welder.

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FAQs section:

• What is the best aluminium TIG welder?

  • From the many options available in the market, you can trust Lincoln electric square wave TIG 200 to be the best aluminium TIG welder. This one is a bit high priced but this portable machine and its controls are super flexible. This versatile machine is equally great for both small and big projects.

• What is the best AC DC TIG welder?

  • AHP Alpha TIG 200X has again claimed this place as this is the best welder that works with both AC and DC input. This welder also has superb AC balance control. The new version of this welder has capability to select the AC frequency which in turn helps to cut on metal and aluminium materials.

• Is TIG welding better than MIG?

  • TIG welder works better in terms of precision. So when you need a clean job so when you are seeking a high standard welding job seek the TIG welder.
  • Working process of TIG welder is again better than MIG. Not only that, TIG welder works in more environment friendly way.
  • TIG welding does not need filler like MIG welding.
  • The heat input can be controlled by the foot pedal that is again available in TIG welder. So after going through the reasons, you must accept that TIG welder works better than MIG welders.

• What is the best cheap TIG welder?

  • The cheap TIG welder with best functionality is none but the Everlast PowerARC 200ST 200amp TIG welder. As it operates with full 200 amp power, it is able to function in heavy duty cases. DC stick current is also available in this welder. The hot start effectively adapts the force control of arc. The dual voltage capability and infinite power controller located at the front panel manages the output power.


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