EVERLAST PowerARC 160STH review

EVERLAST PowerARC 160STH is a versatile welding Tig/Stick Welder suitable for  beginners, professionals  and for DIY projects .Welding of various metals including steel ,stainless ,cast iron etc, stick welding of aluminium can be done using PowerARC 160STH welding machine.

Since it is very easy to set up and very simple to handle , this machine is best for beginners and to do DIY projects at home. Precise and controlled welding with smooth and detailed finish attracts professionals also. ‘ Hotstart’ and ‘AutoArc’ features of this machine makes it very easy to use.


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Everlast PowerARC 160STH review u0026amp; Buyer guide – Who Should Buy It?

This welder is a good option for almost anyone as it offers TIG/Arc and dual voltage versatility. It means that whether you’re a complete beginner, DIYer or even a professional, you’ll find it to be an efficient tool. Here are some of the features which will make it suitable for you.

Dual voltage 

An important feature of this machine is dual voltage capability. You can use either 120V or 220V power supply. This versatility makes this machine suitable  to use at house /shop with 120V input voltage and at  industry level for heavy production work with 220V power supply.


PowerARC 160STH welding machine is comparatively small and lightweight. Hence it can be easily portable from one location to another if there is  either 120V or 220V power supply is available .

Welding versatility     

This machine can be used for both TIG and Stick welding. TIG welding is  very much helpful for artwork and ornamental designs where fine and detailed work is necessary.  And you can switch to stick welding if you need to weld iron , aluminium or steel.  

High Frequency start and Lift start

PowerARC 160STH machine offers High frequency ( HF)  start as well as Lift start options.

  •  HF start is preferable during windy weather condition. And it is most suitable for aluminium welding.  This is a non – contact method and does not create any contamination. Hence , this starting method is considered as much easier and cleaner.

is possibility of HF start creating  interference with radios , computers or any other electronic equipment and users can go for Lift start method  to avoid  this issue. Lift start method is preferable to work without pedal. 


This EVERLAST welding machine is designed based on IGBT inverter design and has  an auto-regulated arc force control , stable u0026amp; smooth arc , auto – adaptive hot start. Hence this machine provides  excellent performance with smooth welding capability.

  • This machine has NO AC output , which may disappoint some users if they require do lot of aluminium welding .  And it is not most powerful compared to other machines in the market. These two are little drawbacks of this machine.
  • EVERLAST  PowerARC 160STH  welding machine has 5 year warranty for parts u0026amp; labour and includes impact resistant carry case.

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EVERLAST PowerARC 160STH  welding machine is best choice  if you are looking for multipurpose , portable , light duty  welding machine with reasonable price. This machine is is absolutely worth for the money you are investing on it.


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