Everlast PowerPro 256S Review

The EverLast PowerPro 256s is machine that works with both TIG / Stick welder and plasma cutter. The machine is very compact in design and very portable and have high mobility making it one of the best options for those consumers who want to do welding and cutting works on road and on site.

The Everlast PowerPro 256S offers its consumers very high end performance and power through it newly developed and redesigned IGBT inverter technology with new digital controlling feature. This technology increases reliability as well as the accuracy in welding / cutting works. This machine is best for the purposes of repairing and maintaining chores where there little space and portability problems on job site or some truck or vehicles got stuck on highway.

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Everlast PowerPro 256S 250a Tig Stick Pulse 60a plasma cutter Multi Process Welder
  • Lightweight and portable AC DC WELDER WIT PULSE AND CUTTER
  • IGBT Infineon Modules , inverter technology
  • 5 Year (Parts and Labor) and 30 days money back
  • 1/2" weld on single pass on AC TIG - 1/2" on DC TIG , 7/8" cut on plasma

Everlast PowerPro 256S Review u0026amp; Buyer Guide

The PowerPro welder offers current up to 250 amperes of AC / DC for TIG welding power output and Power output of 200 amperes of current for the purpose of Stick welding and can handle almost all welding works and project. Talking about plasma cutter, it supplies up to 60 amperes of power current for the purpose of cutting and trimming almost all metals and to complete the work along with longer life it has PT / iPT 60 torch feature.

These are one of those series of welder / cutter offered by Everlast that are especially designed for use of the professionals as well as the hobbyists who need portable and machine with all in one welding / cutting capability. It also comes with IP212 s water resistant rating.

Features and Specifications along with equipements

  • It offers Process working in AC / DC GTAW-P/ DC SMAW / PAC
  • Analog, IGBT Siemens Module are its invertor types
  • Its Voltage Input is  (U1): 220 / 240 V; 50 / 60Hz 1 Ph
  • It has Full Time High Velocity Fan with Tunnel design Cooling method
  • Its Dimensions (approximate): 18” H X 10” W X 25” L
  • Its Weight (Bare Unit): 70 lbs
  • It has All-in-one portability
  • Its design is compact, yet have powerful TIG welding/Plasma cutting features
  • It has Digitally controlled IGBT inverter improves performance, reliability and accuracy
  • It has very easy to use controls with touch pad control for process and feature selection
  • It has quick change out of torches for easy change from TIG to plasma and back to TIG
  • It also have feature of Over Current indicator warns when duty cycle has been exceeded and interrupts welding / cutting
  • It’s OK-to-cut indicator lights up when minimum air pressure is present
  • You can make regular, low dross plasma cuts on steel up to 5/8″ thick with a maximum clean cut ability of 3 / 4 “
  • It offers renown arc stability for TIG / Stick functions

Why Should You Buy The Everlast PowerPro 256?

The 256S provides the complete package that has many advantages, which no other welders / cutters brand that will be able to provide. It includes modules like Siemens IGBT through which users get very high degree of reliability. The quality of other components is also very standard that makes servicing of unit very faster and easier.

It comes with full bridge design and soft switching technology making it life as longer as it would be possible. Along with it, also have HF point design that enables it to have more stable arc starts, with even in lower amperes levels of current. The control panel are very simple structured that it is very easy to read and use. The control panel also includes warning lights.

Who Should Buy?

This machine offers excellent value for money those consumers who want combination of TIG / Stick welder and plasma cutter. It is also comes very handy and have simplistic design and build with high portability for those users who want to do welding jobs on-site. It offers to be a perfect choice for both professionals as well as hobbyists users who want to explore world of welding and cutting.

This machine is very portable and have high mobility, so it is not that heavy build for industrial and full time use. It is not build for the shops, that require lot of welding works. However, It works best for those on site repairs and household purposes and other basic uses related to welding and cutting. This machine is compatible to use in light rain as it is IP212S rated.

What we liked?

  • It is very Portable and reliable
  • Design is easy that if offers on-site repair work
  • After setting up it is very easy to use
  • It includes very high quality inverter technology.
  • It has features like automatic over-voltage, over current and duty cycle protection (over-heat)
  • It is protected by the Rugged case
  • It has very easy to read controls, gauges, and switches
  • It offers  IGBT Infineon Modules
  • It has 250A TIG / 200A STICK / 60a PLASMA CUTTER
  • It supports 5 Year brand Warranty for both Parts and Labor)
  • It includes 1/2″ weld on single pass on AC TIG – 1 / 2″ on DC TIG , 7 / 8″ cut on plasma

What we dislike?

  • It is not that appropriate for full-time welding use
  • For home use its price is slightly on higher side
  • It may be complicated to use without practice
  • In case you have used with generators, the unit of welder minimum requirement is 10,500 watts of continuous power output and generator should be designated as Clean power authentication and your 5 year warranty may get voided if you had not used with the generator which is not designated as clean power output by generator manufacturer.


The Everlast PowerPro 256s is very rugged and handy along with it is very powerful and very easy and flexible to use welder/ plasma cutter, that has been specifically designed for commercial use as well for household purposes. It is one of the portable machine; that is available in the market, which is able to handle any kind of job related to the welding and cutting

The machine unit comes along with everything that you will to start your welding or cutting works like well elaborated and written user manual along with detailed diagrams. So, it is necessary for customers to read the instruction manual and have look over the diagram in order to use, set up and stay safe while using this amazing welding/ cutting machine.


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