Lincoln 3350 Welding Helmet Review

Welding is very tricky and uncomfortable task to do, which involves huge amount of hard work and pain. In order to lessen up this gruel there are many helmets available in the market to provide you comfort and optimal fit. In this article, we will talk about one of the helmet available in the market, Lincoln Viking 3350 in detail.

Viking 3350 is very stylish welding helmet, which has very good and strong build designed as per your safety. In addition to is sturdiness, it has auto darkening feature with its 4C lens technology to provide you excellent optical clarity along with large viewing area , which allows you to have freedom of head movement.

Talking about it reviews and feedback, I found that it is not available in very detailed manner that would cover all its features and usability highlights of this helmet. As welding is very gruel kind of profession and if you are in this profession does not matter you are pro or beginner, you need helmet that will perform different kind of functions and give you comfort.

Lincoln Electric Viking

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That why I had decided to give you detailed review and feature look out about this helmet. As a welder, it is my duty to help out my community and inform them what is the right choice for them in case they are looking for best quality helmet.

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

  • Viking 3350 is all-rounder and it certainly will perform all task that you want it to do and perfectly in almost all situations.
  • The built quality of helmet is very top notch, it is very safe and sturdy, will secure you from all kind of accidents.
  • It has one of the biggest lenses available in the market and has optical rating that will help you having large field of view. It has high sensitive lens intact to it which is very significant feature that will help you while working on low amp TIG welding.
  • If you are searching for the welding helmet that has variety of abilities then Viking 3350 is the best choice for you. It has various number of features and capabilities that will make it a perfect choice for pro as well as beginner welders.
  • It is best for variable field of industries like as general fabrication, power generation, shipbuilding, structural, offshore and pipeline. It can be used for Stick, TIG, pulsed TIG, MIG, pulsed MIG, Flux-Cored, gouging, grinding and plasma cutting.


  • It has viewing area 3.74 in x 3.34 in (95 mm x 85 mm)
  • Its Auto darkening Lens switching speed 1/25,000s
  • It has 4 Arc sensors
  • It has Shading level DIN5-13 with internal control
  • Its Grind mode shade is DIN3.5 with internal control
  • Battery capacity : 1 CR2450 (Replaceable)
  • It weigh around 595 grams or 21oz


  • It has 4C Lens technology – which improves visibility and reduces eye strain by minimizing the lime green coloring of the view
  • It offers Auto darkening lens technology
  • It view rating is  1/1/1/1 optical clarity rating (EN379)
  • Its headgear is very comfortable and highly adjustable
  • It has Long battery life and supports solar charging
  • It is Cheater lens capable
  • It has Hard hat capability
  • Brand offers 3 Year warranty

Some details about the Visibility.

The Viking 3350 is one the best optical clear helmet available in the market with all visibility scenarios; class, diffusion, luminous transmittance variation and angle dependence luminous transmission. It has 1/1/1/1 optical rating in every case.

  • It has 4C lens technology, which help in optimizing visibility and keep the green tinted glow at minimum level. This feature help in reducing eye strain and help protecting eye power.
  • It has 3.74 x 3.34 inches of the viewing area, which may be not the largest but it close to perfection. This area make you to have more visibility and you don’t need to move your head for viewing. This is one the best feature that user can have, especially in case user is beginner who might have some difficulty to have the best position for optimal visibility. Talking about pro users its viewing area will help them to have better visibility and more control.
  • Now look at some safety features, it has high tech sensors, which will protect you from flashing and having blind spots while welding. It has auto darkening shade, which will darken in every 1/25000th second and will keep excessive UV light transmission to minimal level.

It also has very high range of sensitivity settings from DIN5 to DIN13 which will help you in performing almost all kind of welding task except very low power TIG welding. At last, it also supports grind mode, which sets up right level of shading as per your application.

Durability features

Talking about build quality it is made with very strong and sturdy material, but that does not means it is invincible. The shiny and hard material used for exterior finish is very much prone to damages. So use it very carefully.

It has rechargeable solar batteries which are very easily replaceable, so if you working in sunlight conditions you don’t have to worry about it recharging. It will work for longer hours without any problem. Along with these features Lincoln offers 3 year of limited warranty which make Viking 3350 one of the best choices for you.

Other features

Talking about its weight Viking 3350 is one the lightest and comfortable welding helmets available in the market. It weighs around 595 grams or 21 ounces. Instead of its lightweight there is possibility that it may hurt some of the users but many of users had given positive feedback.

The adjustment compatibility of this helmet is extraordinary you don’t need to struggle for adjusting your head for optimal fit.  It has adjusting knob which is very simple to use for fitting your head and after that you don’t need to adjust that knob every time you use this helmet.

The stability factor of this helmet is also very promising, It can adjust the distance of the mask from the face as per your comfort. This feature is useful in case use wear glasses.

As we mentioned before it has 4C lens technology, which make less strain on your eyes and help to protect it. AT last talking about air ventilation, Viking 3350 has optional ventilation system, which allows the movement of air inside your helmet. This feature is very useful in hot and humid working conditions.

Adjustment of its features.

All of its controls are located inside the hood of helmet with an analog interface of dial knobs. These knobs helps you in making perfect adjustments and it is very fast and easy to adjust in comparison to push button controls. You don’t have to worry about any on/off buttons. Viking 3350 has auto darkening features is very easy to use. This feature is very helpful if you have emergency of performing some welding quickly and you don’t need to worry about the lens sensitivity to your arc.

The most important thing you must consider that its battery is always charged and simply adjust its DIN from 5 to 13 and you are ready to go.

Comparison of Lincoln Viking 3350 in price sphere

This helmet has almost all those features that a high end and pro grade helmets supports but at the very reasonable price. In case you are beginner, its price may seem high to you but believe us it offer promising features at its price that no other brand will offer.

It is very strong and sturdy built helmet with very good and comfortable adjustments. It has large viewing area and has top-notch lens technology, which you can’t contradict what it offers at its price.

It also gives 3 Year warranty from Lincoln brand along with perfect optical clarity, fully adjustable comfort settings, fine-tuned analog controls, and an almost unbeatable fit and finish, this make this product worth of single penny you pay. If you purchase any other brand helmet, which is cheaper than this and regret afterwards, then I will suggest to-go-with, Lincoln Viking 3350 and make your welding work simple, easy, safer and more comfortable.

Almost all of its positive things one thing you must consider that this product is not that optimal for low energy TIG welding, So if you do TIG work a lot then find some other product which is specialized for that application.



At last, I would like to inform you that there are very few helmets, which have similar protection, quality, durability, and comfort that Lincoln Viking 3350 offers. If you are an experienced welders who has a welding profession then this is the right choice for you. In case you are beginner and just started exploring the world of welding then this helmet may be too expensive choice for you.


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