Antra AH7-860-0000 Solar Power Review

The antra brings to you the range of welding helmets that have auto darkening feature and use solar power.

The viewing size of the antra helmet is 3.78×3.5 inches.This is the champion of welding helmets. In this the comfort is combined with the reliance for different uses. It can be used for different welding purposes that is arc welding, mig welding and tig welding.

Review Antra AH7-860-0000 Solar Power Welding Helmet Auto Darkening 

For the welding uses the helmet is suitably fit as it is light and it also has auto darkening effect. The helmet will also keep you away from neck strain and the fatigue that is mostly not found in other range of helmets. The helmet will perfectly since it has a bigger viewing area and due to the the task will be performed perfectly.

Some of the features that you must know about the welding helmet are listed below.

  • It has an auto darkening technology that will help you do your welding tasks in a better way.
  • It gives you a varied range of shades. The price is reasonable.
  • The viewing area is large that is about 3.78×.50 inches.
  • There are 4 sensors.
  • The batteries are replaceable and the design is also superior with solar power.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • The construction is good as it is made lightweight do that the welding tasks can be performed easily.

The antra helmet that is AH7-860-0000 is one of the most suitable welding helmets that you can use for cutting and for welding too. The welding helmet will provide you an auto darkening feature when you are working and this will prevent strain on your eyes.

The welding helmet can be used for a number of purposes that mostly includes the mig welding, the tig welding, plasma and carbon arcs and along with that MAG too.

This welding helmet provides optimal safety.The welding helmet will ensure that it provides safety for all your tasks and it also sees that there us no strain on your eyes. It does not matter for which welding purpose you are using it, but it will provide utmost protection to your neck, eyes and body during the welding.

  • If you want control for your welding tasks then it is a plus point for you since the helmet comes with power controls. In other helmets you need to worry about the controls as this feature is not available in all the helmets. The lens shade can be set up right by using the power controls. If you are not able to set the shades then your welding wont be done properly as there is risk that you might get an arc flash.
  • The welders are usually in exposure of harmful UV radiations and also infra red radiations. This helmet also shows variable shades that gives maximum safety. In this helmet you also have the feature to change the amperage range that is from low to intense welding range.
  • Other helmets that are available in this range wont give you such amperage variations and also it wont handle the exposures.
  • If you want the welder safe then it is necessary that the helmet is fitted with fast lens and the torch is available.

In this best welding helmet with auto darkening feature is present and along with that there are automatic controls that is the on and off feature. The viewing panel will darken automatically so that your eyes are protected and the arc flash does not effect you. If the power goes out still you have the access to keep the welder safe.

The time taken is just .00004 seconds to darken the lens automatically. By this your eyes are protected and the arc flash does not effect you. There is accommodation of magnifying lenses so that you are able to monitor the arc.

The field view of this helmet is about 3.78×3.5 inches and due to this reason you could see a wider area. By this the welder is having more access to see the welding puddle. If the viewing panel of the helmets is of lower range then it will lead to low quality welding.  As in there are four sensors that are available with this helmet that helps you to do the powerful tasks easily.


  • It has four powerful sensors.
  • The viewing area is large.
  • There is auto darkening effect.
  • There is no strain on eyes and neck.
  • The lens is fast and the torch is also available.
  • The shades can be varied.
  • There is automatic control too that is you can switch on and off as per your wish.


  • It lacks hood. Light enters from top that is harmful for eyes.
  • The viewing area is very large that is of great advantage to the welders.
  • It is of reasonable rate.
  • It needs a hood. As the light enters from top that might be harmful.


The helmet provides you great features like the auto darkening feature and the automatic controls. These act as a plus point to the welders as they protect them from strain and arc flashes. The viewing area is also good and is a great buy for users.

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