Esab Sentinel A50 Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

This article is about Sentinel A50 a high-quality welding helmet by ESAB. It is designed and build for the safety and high-end utility purpose for the consumers. Sentinel A50 is equipped with a good quality lens, amazing comfort, a large viewing port and offers best protection and high end features.This helmet comes under one of the top rated and new welding helmets reviewed.

ESAB Sentinel A50 welding helmet Review

Specification and features of ESAB Sentinel A50


The most important features, that is required from a welding helmet is its wearing comfort. The Sentinel A50 is been made with trademarked Halo design, which is very comfortable to wear and it is very light in weight around 1.4 lbs, hence it doesn’t bother your neck also. You can also move around and flip your head, while wearing, and it has very low profile, which helps you in navigating narrow spaces and minor welding portions of the application.

Lens Performance

When we talk about the lens of the welding helmet, it is very important features, which designate how well your welding application will go on. The lens quality of the Sentinel is top notch and you will feel like there is nothing in front of your eyes, and all the glimming and flickering rays will filtered out of it. The clarity and vision it will give is very high with rating of 1/1/1/2. The quality measure of any helmet lens is depend upon Optical class, Light diffusion capacity, Luminous Transmittance variation and angle dependence and when we test the Sentinel A50 is all these parameters, it will show top ratings in all the field expect for angle dependence, where its rating is that high compare to its competitions.

View Screen and Shade Selector

The another-important aspect about the welding helmet is its, view screen. Sentinel A50 has decent sized view screen (3.93” x 2.36”, or 9.27 square inches of viewing space), along with auto darkening speed of 1/25,000 per second. It has shade swapping capability between 5 to 13, and you can easily adjust its shade, with the help of its LCD screen and it has very good visibility in both dark and bright lighting conditions. All of these settings you can save for future reference as it has memory for saving up to 8 type of settings. You just have to, simply select any one of them to apply.

It also has shade 4 grinding selector on the outside of the helmet, through which you can conveniently adjust the shade of your requirement without taking it out and looking at HUD inside it. Simply click on the grind and tap to select previously selected weld shade and you are ready to go.

Available Accessories

The extra accessories compatibility is also an important feature, you can choose various accessories and apply them as per your convenience, for example Hard Hat adapter, which are required in case you are working at job site, which requires very low PPE. You can also have magnification lenses, when you have to do some minor and minute applications. You can apply lenses cover, as there is greater possibility of breakage and damaging of the lenses, while throwing and catching helmet. Respirators are another accessory that you can use, in case you are working at the job sites, which are suffocating and has very low air ventilation.


  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Exceptionally Lightweight (around 1.4 lbs).
  • Low profile compatibility, which helps to avoid frequent “collaring” in tight spaces.
  • High quality 5 point construction.
  • LCD screen, which has high visibility and easy to use.
  • You can easily swap from grinding shade (4) and back to welding shades with the touch of a single button without removing helmet.
  • 8 presets saving memory for convenience
  • Very fast auto-darkening.
  • Very decent product for general use
  • Has compatibility to apply external accessory, so that to improve welding quality
  • Has compatible TIG, MIG and Stick welding process.


  • The main drawback it has is, imperfect rating on the angle dependence and luminous transmittance for optical class rating. Though it will not bother you if you are beginner and do welding works for house hold matters, but in case you are professional, then this thing can cause problem in your work.
  • There are incidence of easy warping of the helmet lenses.
  • There have been some report by the users, related to the LCD screen. They had given feedback that LCD screen touch sensors do not work that perfectly, while having gloves on.

Those who can go for this helmet.

If you are a professional welder, who does not want to compromise with the quality of the work, then you can go for this helmet. Talking about ESAB, it is very well known brand, which builds high quality premium class welding helmets and Sentinel A50 is one of them. It is very top notch product, that has been very durable and sturdy in built make it best one for professionals as well as beginners also. It can perform almost all king of welding works, whether it be TIG, MIG or stick welding, However its quality of super lens and good vision make it best for TIG welding works. Sentinel A50 is known for performing High quality welding works, which requires long hours of working.


This helmet is very effective one for professional welders for all king i.e. TIG, MIG as well as stick welding process. Its adaptability to have various external accessory and features like 8 memory presents saving along with clear vision, make it one of the best helmets available in the market. We would definitely recommend this helmet in case you are professional welder as well as for DIY and beginners they can go for it, and this helmet will be beneficial for all of them.

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I hope you liked our article about the review related to the ESAB Sentinel A50 welding helmet, and if you have any more queries and questions related to it please feel free to contact to us.

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