Best Welding Helmet Under $50

Welding helmets are always needed to keep the head of the welding person safe.  The purpose of welding helmet is to let you see through it while you are welding as well as protect your eyes while the arc flash is created. Head is the most precious and important part of our body and it contains most of the sense organs. So definitely we would do our best to protect them while doing a risky job like welding. You may not wish to get your eyes burnt or skin blackened by the frizzing fly of sparks. That is why a good helmet is required.

Best 5 welding helmet under $50

Getting best quality welding helmet does not mean you have to buy the priciest ones. You can get some good ones at a pocket friendly price. So here we will be referring to a few best welding helmets that come under USD50.

Antra AH6-260

This one has topped the list of budget welding helmet. This helmet comes under $50 and it contains all the necessary features of a regular welding man. Not that it comes with the high end features of pricey helmets, but the basic ones like a proper viewing area, multiple arc sensors with a variable range, and lightweight body are some of its quintessential features.

You can wear it for a long working day, as this lightweight helmet will not cause you any pain or stiff-neck problem. This one is surprisingly long lasting and will not wear away soon. There is fully automatic darkening lens, which will keep your eyes safe. The helmet will not flip up and down loosely as there is fixed position on it.

Antra AH6-260-0000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Wide Shade Range 4/5-9/9-13 Engineered for TIG MIG/MAG MMA Plasma Grinding, Solar-Lithium Dual Power, 6+1 Extra Lens Covers

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The face will be fully protected and the built-in interference suppression technology will lessen the chance of false triggering. Even this one is not sensitive to sun light thus you will not see the darkening happening in the daylight. Still you will get accurate auto shading so there will be minimal chance of getting affected by the harmful radiation. You can do the plasma cutting as well as wheel cutting or grinding with this helmet on.


  • Auto darkening
  • Wide viewing area
  • Lightweight


  • Not great for overhead welding

YESWELDER True Color Auto Darkening Helmet (LYG-L500A) –

Another good option for the budget friendly welding helmets, the YESWELDER helmet offers true color technology which is for the better visibility and lessens the lime green coloring. Wide view area with shade range of DIN4 makes it a perfect choice for several kinds of welding like MIG, TIG or MMA. You will get the maximum optical clarity measuring 1/1/1/2. The view area will lessen your eye fatigue and also the strain will be decreased. No chance of getting affected by UV/IR rays as this helmet consists of shade 16.

YESWELDER True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, Wide Shade 4/9-13 for TIG MIG ARC Weld Hood Helmet

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As it is a lightweight helmet, you will not feel uncomfortable while wearing it long hours. Readjustment is possible while wearing it, so you can make it comfortable as per your convenience. The battery consisted in it is quite long lasting and thus you will need to change it seldom. It is made with durable material which makes the helmet a friend for years.  The product is quite liked by most of the users and they liked its true color feature as well as longevity. The viewing area is pretty decent and the auto darkening speed is good. The functionality as well as comfort makes it a hit with welding professionals.


  • Great value for money
  • Fast auto darkening
  • Lightweight
  • True color technology


  • Nothing much


DEKOPRO Welding Helmet (MZ236)

This is one of the best solar panel equipped welding helmet which is designed to offer best protection to the eye of welding people. This helmet comes featured with auto darkening filter switch which works even when there is power shortage. While wearing this helmet you will never be under the threat of UV or IR radiation.

There is sensitivity and delay setting features which will modify its view area according to different climatic condition. So it will work when you are under the shade or in open space to weld. The helmet comes with enhanced visibility as well as color recognition features.

DEKOPRO Welding Helmet Solar Powered Auto Darkening Hood with Adjustable Shade Range 4/9-13 for Mig Tig Arc Welder Mask Shield Flaming Skull Design

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It will offer you control over diffusion of light. It also has variation of transmittance so you get to see the welding project clearly when there is deficiency of light. There is angular modification feature which allows you to see the project from different angles clearly. This is lightweight too which offers comfort to the neck and shoulder of the wearer. This helmet offers working condition under different weather and surroundings as this is adaptable to ambient lighting sources as well as different shades of lights. There is battery running function too along with solar power assistance.


  • Fit for different weather and environment
  • Solar power equipped
  • Cost effective
  • Good eye protection


  • Darkening time issue


TOOLIOM welding helmet

A budget product which also takes care of the ultimate essential need is this one. There is a large viewing area which makes it possible for the worker to check the project perfectly and decide where to weld. The 4 arc sensor makes the helmet a functional one with good response timing. This helmet comes with true color technology which makes it easy to adjust the differently sourced lights. There is adequate amount of delay in darkening which makes it comfortable. The welding lens of this product lets you choose from from9 to 13 weld mode. Also you can decide between 5-9 cut modes and shade 4 grind modes as per your working requirement.

TOOLIOM Welding Helmet, True Color Auto Darkening 1/1/1/2 Large Viewing 3.94"x 3.27" Welder Mask Hood with Weld/Grind/Cut Mode for TIG MIG/MAG MMA Plasma Grinding

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There are several products available with this helmet, like one replaceable battery, two outer lenses, and one user manual, which is, not very legible as per the users. As this is a low priced helmet, you can think of getting improper features in it, but the truth is, for the beginners and for the MIG welders, this one is pretty good.

The dial is there to adjust the darkness which will allow you to see the puddle when it is created. The batteries can be changed easily without much additional help which is also a thumb up for the novices. This is comfortable and functional while being controllable at the same time. You need to take special care to keep it safe from the scratches.


  • Simple and functional
  • Adjustable head gear
  • Pocket friendly price
  • Lots of accessories


  • Headband straps flimsy

Monster&Master Welding Helmet

There are too many positive features inculcated into this one helmet. To begin with, this is a nice and comfortable head gear which is comfortable to wear as well as fulfils the ergonomic features. The helmet contains sufficient space within it which makes it breathable for the wearer.

The protection level of this helmet is much high. It completely covers your head and eye so no sparks get inside it to damage the skin or eyesight. This is a strong and durable product, which is great for its price. This helmet is corrosion resistant which makes it safe against high or low temperature. Not only the face or eye, it also covers your neck, ears and other surrounding areas. The liquid crystal optical coating offers you safety from UV rays and IR rays.

Monster&Master Large Viewing Screen Auto Darkening Welding Helmet, 4 Arc Sensor Wide Shade, MM-WH-001

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The design of this helmet uses automatic transform technology and the goggles are able to detect the slightest change in the light. Thus your eyes will not get affected by the sudden electrical arc creation. There is anti-interference switch which allows you to check the welding project much carefully and does not interfere in any complex situation. This helmet will help you to work smoothly on different projects like cutting or grinding. The spare battery and two spare lenses make it a complete package for the beginner welding person.


  • Wide view area
  • Sleek look
  • Comfortable grip by harness
  • Cost effective


  • Window too close to the face


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