Jackson safety W70 BH3 Welding Helmet review

If you are finding a welding helmet that is of high quality, has good durability and is among the top auto darkening welding helmets then you are at the right place. This is the best helmet according to your need. This product has all the latest features that are required in a welding helmet and along with that the vision it has is absolutely great. The safety and adjustability are also awesome. 

Jackson safety W70 BH3 Helmet review

So to know more about the product you need to go ahead and know the product in detail with its features and pros and cons.

To know more about the product you need to know about its features. Some of the features of this product are listed and explained below.

Viewing area

When you are about to look for a welding helmet, the first thing that you will be noticing is the viewing area. The viewing area of this particular welding helmet is 3.8×2.7”.

Due to this reason the visibility is quite large and so your work is made easy.

Optical clarity

The hood of the helmet has been created by using the newest technology and this provides them with higher standards. The visual quality is rated 1-1-1-1. This is the highest rating that is given to welding helmets. So the welding can be done easily and without any optical interference.

Auto darkening feature

This has high performance and auto darkening filter that gives you shades of 9-13. You can also adjust the sensitivity if you want to. By this you can adapt to different environments or tasks. So you can also select sensitivity if you are doing TIG welding. The response time is about .00015 seconds and with this you can easily protect your eyes.

The wavelength is also specific of the helmets that means that the helmet will darken only when it senses an arc, and will not activate by the sunlight.

Safety design

The hood has been designed so that it can give optimum safety. It gives adequate amount of safety for the face and neck so that you do the welding job perfectly. There might be some problems during the grinding. The sparks may settle on your body. 

The shell of the helmet will give you protection against those fumes. And along with that the cover plate us curved so that it deflects the fumes. And by this the chances of fogging also reduces.

Adjustments for headgear

The Jackson safety BH3 has adjustments that can be made so that you get comfort along with safety. If we see the features it has a ratchet suspension that helps you in adjusting the distance so that you can get maximum comfort. Also there is a crown strap with which you can easily make the up and down adjustments. The third adjustment is that you have a rear ratchet knob that is on the back side of the helmet. With this you can make your adjustments even without removing the gloves.


The weight of the helmet is about 20 ounces that means that it is light in weight and will help you in the auto darkening welding.

This feature is important because after welding you don’t want your neck to feel stiff. So for this purpose the headgear is light and will fit you properly.

Safety standards

Different safety standards have been passed that will give you guarantee about the helmet. The certifications are:

  • ANSI Z87.
  • High impact standard 2010.
  • DIN plus
  • CE

Let us now have a look at the pros and cons of the welding helmet.

Pros (What we liked)

  • It has auto darkening feature.
  • The viewing area is very large.
  • The optical rating is also high.
  • The design is light.
  • It is comfortable and fit.
  • It is solar powered so you don’t require batteries.
  • It is compatible in nature.
  • It meets a number of standards.
  • It comes up with 5 year warranty.

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • There is no grind mode so you are not able to use the torch in the grind mode.
  • There are only 2 sensors. If there would have been more sensors then the protection would have been higher.
  • There is no test button provided so you require an actual arc to test it. So a test button is necessary to see how the hood works.

Grinding mode

There is no grinding mode available in the Jackson safety helmet. So due to this reason this is not an all use helmet. It has a limit if 9 DIM. But some users have still used it for grinding in the lowest setting.

Test button

The other helmets that are available in this price range usually include the test button. But the Jackson safety helmet does not have this feature. This button is necessary to see that the the auto darkening feature is working correctly. As in there is no test button, still the helmet us reliable.

  • The helmet functions suitably.
  • If there would be more protection on the headgear it would be better.
  • The settings and the delay are just up to the mark.
  • The neck and the face are safe.
  • The auto darkening feature works really well.
  • The visibility is so good.


The Jackson safety W70 BH3 helmet has one of the top lenses that are of highest quality. It gives you the best visibility and clarity. 

There is no grinding mode or test mode but still it is highly suitable. It has the auto darkening feature that is necessary and it is safe for users. It provides protection to the face and neck .

It comes up with 5 year warranty along with good customer service so it is a great choice.

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