Lincoln pro mig 180 vs 180 hd Review which to buy

In this post today we have took our review section to make a difference or comparison review between one of the best mig welder that you can choose.

Lincoln pro mig 180

The Lincoln pro mig 180 is a good quality welder. It is of high quality and the fabrication of the welder is light for farm, home and the other auto projects. The welding capacity of the welder is great. The power supplied by the welder is about 208/230 volts by using this you are also able to weld the thicker materials. Lincoln is a good brand when you are thinking of quality welders. This welder wont disappoint you and would meet your requirements.

The Lincoln pro mig 180 has been designed by the flux core welding. This is a heavy duty welder which has the capability of dual voltage. This can be used for the large tasks and also for the simple ones. You can use it for both the low voltage and the high voltage.

If you use the switch knob then it is easy for you to switch between the output levels. There is 120vplt option that you can use for working on light steel and also for the aluminum. If you are welding a thicker material then you can opt for the 208 volt/ 230 volt option.

The Lincoln pro Mig 180 is versatile in nature and it can be used to work on the heavy materials. If you make the right adjustments only then your welder will be able to weld the thicker materials and the lighter materials appropriately. So the adjustments are to be made.

There is a dual voltage feature too. This will help you to use it for industrial parks and also for home use. You can even use it for repair purposes. The weight of this welder is about 66 pounds and so it is easy portable. You can move it easily around and for that you can even use the wheel court. The handles are strong and these will be protecting your hands from discomfort.


It is important for you to know the features of the Lincoln pro mig 180, so that you are able to decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

  • It has two knobs.
  • The drive system is adjustable.
  • It has a brass to brass connection too.
  • The gear box which has aluminum. This will increase the drive torque and will give a smoother use.
  • It has numeric drive tension indicator. This indicator is easy to turn.
  • The amperage range is 30-180. This will allow you to do the welding tasks.
  • There is a magnum gun of 100 litres.
  • The power cable is 10 ft.

Dual input

The welder is heavy in weight and it has a dual voltage capacity. This will allow you to perform the tasks that are both light and heavy. If you use this welder then you can switch for performing different tasks. You can suitably use it for all types of welding functions.

Dual core technology

The Lincoln has developed a number of technologies to improve the product. One of those technologies is the diamond core. The diamond core technology will give a forgiving arc to your piece of work and will improve the quality of your product. The arc will be smooth and wi provide minimal splatter.

Heavy duty wire system

The wire system is heavy duty and the drive system is adjustable. Due to this the durability of your welder increases. The chances if your welder being tangled or wire being crushed get reduced. Most of the welders that are of low quality have this problem of tangling and crushing therefore they get damaged easily.


The Lincoln pro mig has a aluminum gear. This gear is effective and durable too. This helps to deliver more torque and giving better operations. It also has a brass to brass gun connection which plays a great role in increasing the conductivity and also the efficiency of the welder.


You don’t need to have a lot of experience if you want to use this welder. As like the other products of Lincoln this welder also has a simple design and you are able to operate it easily. It also has a handle which is wide enough that you can move it around easily. This happens because the weight is distributed evenly.


  • The output is limited and it is of 180 A.
  • The welder is not suitable for heavy usage.
  • The weight decreases its mobility.

Some reviews are:

  • It has high suitability for the heavy usage.
  • It gives three year warranty.
  • It gives better efficiency.

The Lincoln 180 HD

The Lincoln 180 Hd has some of the following features that you nee to know in order to know more about it.

Diamond core technology

The lincoln 180 Hd delivers a forgiving arc with which you are able to lay the beautiful beads. The unit will give you a stable arc and this makes it more pleasurable to be used with thicker materials. There is a smooth arc technology in it. This will help you in creating minimal splatter. And also the time you need to clear it will be less.

Heavy duty drive

There is a fully adjustable drive system and this will help in reducing the tangling and crushing of wire. It is better if you are thinking to opt for the plastic alternatives. As this will be giving you another benefits too like the added torque and more delivery speeds. The aluminum piece gives more durability. If you opt for the plastic alternatives then you have to bear the brittleness and heat. But this is not the case with this one.

Tool less design

You don’t need extra tools for this one as this is self sufficient one. The input power and the wire drive along with the mounting are all convenient. This is easily convincing as do not need a lot of tools for it.

Pc board

There are sensitive components too and those are protected from the airborne contaminants. This is done by sealing them by making use of a plastic tray. According to the Lincoln company, this has been proved that if you use this treatment then the sealing would be more powerful and will maintain a high level of shock resistance.

Spool gun

If you are thinking of connecting a spool gun to it then you can so do it as it is very beneficial. And when you do it, it will detect whether it is a mig or a spool gun.

You can suitably use this welder for the farm needs or for light fabrications. You can even use it for the automotive repair. The welder might not e compatible with a number of voltages. This would be preferable for use with 230/240 V only. It gives you a one year warranty that assures you repair and recovery from damage.

Some reviews are:

  • It has a one year warranty.
  • You can connect spool gun to it.
  • It is not suitable for heavy usages.


Both the welders are good and quite suitable.

The Lincoln pro mig provides a three year warranty whereas the Lincoln 180 HD only gives a one year warranty. The Lincoln pro MIG gives versatility and is suggested for heavy usage whereas the other one is suitable for the light work and medium one. So according to your work and usage you can opt for the suitable one.

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