Forney Easy Weld 251 review

When people wish to get a quality plasma cutter within $500 then there are few choices left. The features like great cutting power and superb welding process can be getting from a few handpicked ones. Plasma technology is in rise in modern technological world. So choosing a low cost plasma cutter than can sufficiently provide you with the benefit of cutting metal easily.

Forney Easy Weld 251 review

The manufacturers are using refined methods to cut the metal faster and cleaner way. So using these methods the brand Forney has come up with their new and modern Easy Weld 251.


Forney Easy Weld 251 is a great plasma cutter which is exceptionally engineered to make the welding job easy for you. It comes with various unique and unmatched features which are as follows:

  • The Easy weld 251 cuts mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel and the material sheet that it cuts from can be as thin as ¼”.
  • The welding is an easy job with the Forney Easy weld cutter. 120 volt power source will be needed as the power source along with 1.5 CFM compressed air.
  • The built in regulator and air-dryer helps in the operation and enables the smooth welding.
  • The drag torch technology helps in the drag cutting directly on the metal. This provides you the consistent and smooth cut at the tip. So no need of pilot arc and you can keep the full contact with the work piece.
  • The size of the torch and clamp available with this product is quite convenient. So it will fit almost all the users. But if you want to extend these parts, then the separate extensions are available to be purchased. This system makes the welder a diverse one.
  • The eight foot grounded lead makes this workable for anyone on any welding purpose.
  • This can cut the rusty and painted metals easily.
  • It can obtain 35% of duty cycle only at 20 amps.
  • 25 torch extensions are available with this product.
  • This plasma cutter is much portable with its lightweight body. This one is generator friendly too. So you can take it in different job sites and carrying it is not a big issue.
  • The all metal case of this gadget makes it a hardy one and there is less chance of this gadget to get damaged due to the protective design.
  • There are various accessories included in this package like, 13’ cutting torch, 8’ ground clamp along with 20A-15A adapter. Additional electrode and nozzle also is quite beneficial and is available with this product.
  • It is backed with 12 month guarantee from the manufacturer, which ensures that the product is quite trusted by the company.

Users’ experience:

  • This product of Forney is sold through many online portals and people are mostly in love with this after they have used it for a few days. Some say that this welding machine is easy for the beginners and no prior experience is required to work through this welder.  This is a much simpler process than oxy-fuel torches but provides cleaner cuts as it works with drag torch method. A thorough read of the instruction is enough to use this plasma cutter and you will never be disappointed.
  • The contract tip is a much beneficial feature for the new hobbyists as in this method you never lose contact with the metal sheet like you do in the pilot arc process, so that helps in cutting the sheet easily. All you need to do is clamp on a guide and then the cutting head will run against the guide.
  • This machine is perfect for the hobbyists and for the ones who need light welding job on their shops. The customer support of this brand is also need a special mention. They believe in bonding with the users and offer them adequate support in the time of need. Thus the goodwill is not only based upon the utility of the plasma cutter but also the trust that they have earned by providing after sales service.
  • The price may seem not very feasible at first, but when you judge all the parameters and keep in mind the features and facilities then it seem justified. In fact the welders of high price range not always come equipped with drag tip torch or clean cut on rusty or painted sheet of metals.
  • The gun is not flimsy but quite comfortable, and in all respect it acts like a high quality welder. The innovative swivel at the base of the gun successfully prevents line chafing.  The ground clamp does its job perfectly. The lines are pretty long so you can carry the gadget around anywhere. The cord wrap carry handle also eases the process.


  • Deft at plasma cutting
  • Easy to handle
  • Drag tip torch
  • One year warranty
  • Great customer care
  • 35% duty cycle
  • Clean cut


  • Cuts only upto ¼” steel
  • Max output 20 amp


For smaller plasma cutting jobs this is one of the best welder options. you will be happy and satisfied by its features and the after sales service along with great customer care will certainly seal the deal for you.

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