Lotos ltp5000d Red vs Brown Review and Differences

Lotos technology plasma cutter always offers the best service for the users and they are proud to be a part of welding industry for a long period of time.

The construction industry has always been in need in welding process and there are various sects of construction which needs this process to carry on them. Welding needs a good welder or plasma cutter and some other accessories. The various method of welding are needed for different reasons. But buying the right kind of welding machine is often a confused decision for many. The different manufacturers proclaim that the product they have built comes with unique specifications and thus it is understandably a difficult question to guess which welding machine will suit your purpose.

Some of the great and renowned brands offer more than one welding machine, though the specifications are little bit different. We will here be discussing about the features and difference between the most popular Lotos ltp5000d with two colour options, red and brown.

Lotos ltp5000d Red vs Brown Review

The brand Lotos always had kept the parameters of their machineries upgraded. They have come up with the best equipments and thus users always expect their products to be of high quality. The value of money is always achieved when people buy the best plasma cutters and other equipments like the consumables from this brand.

The warranty offered by this brand is also another reason to win people’s trust. Where many companies do not offer any warranty or refund after some issue is found in their products, and refuse to offer any after sales service via customer care, Lotos is always there to serve their valuable customers with great after sales service whenever any issue is found with the products.

Lotos the brand earlier had come up with their red coloured ltp5000d welder. Later they modified the features and brought it back with a brown coloured body. The brown one is definitely the higher and more modern version of plasma cutter and for justified reasons.


The differences:

  • The brown bodied model of ltp5000d has upgraded with their PC board with digital display which means the users will be able to see the parameters and change them as needed.
  • The preinstalled regulator is another great benefit for the brown Lotos ltp5000d has which was lacked in the red version of the same branded plasma cutter.
  • The torch is also upgraded in the brown plasma cutter.

Both the products are excellent in every way and they always serve you with the affordable and best quality plasma cutter. The general features that both the plasma cutters have are:

  • The Lotos ltp5000d plasma cutter is a compact one which comes with handle. This is a great aspect for any plasma cutter and only the technicians know the importance of a handle, as the gadget needs to be carried to places for the on-site jobs.
  • The pilot arc is another great thing that one can expect from a pricey plasma cutter like this. For this Lotos ltp5000d plasma cutter, the pilot arc is much promising. Any hard, thick and rough metal sheet can be cut through the force of this pilot arc.
  • The Lotos plasma cutter we are discussing here offers clear and beautiful cut which is a dream for the technicians. The cutting quality gets better and thus you get longer consumable life.
  • The PAPST German cooling system is another great thing about the Lotos ltp5000d plasma cutter. This system makes it a great plasma cutter among many items.
  • The MOSFET transistor is a great beneficial aspect of the plasma cutter we are discussing. The uniform output is produced with the help of this part. This system allows the cutter to cut through various different metals like copper, brass, steel, mild steel and aluminium.
  • Minimization of slag is a great satisfaction that the users of the Lotos ltp5000d cutter. This is possible due to the good quality of pilot arc.
  • The automatic dual voltage and dual frequency give this plasma cutter some more boosts. This is how you will be able to use this plasma cutter with any kind of power source.
  • It comes equipped with ground clamp, cable, air regulator and air hose. Air hose connection is also available with this item. So you need not to buy all these accessories separately and can save lots of money there.


  • Good pilot arc
  • MOSFET transistor
  • Can cut through rough and dirty metal sheets
  • Dual voltage and dual frequency


  • Separate pigtail needed


As the brand Lotos has upgraded their plasma cutter ltp5000d and the brown one is the modified version, it is obvious that it will have some of the futuristic features. However, the red one was not left far behind and it manages to offer great output in terms of plasma cutting. But if you are a recent buyer and wish to get the best plasma cutter in the market with a justified price, get the brown bodied Lotos ltp5000d plasma cutter to fulfil your welding requirement.

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