Best 3M Speedglas Welding Helmets

The brand we will be discussing today is a well known one, for their high class industrial products. They cater to almost every need of the industrial requirement, but the most famous product manufactured by them is 3M Speedglas welding helmet.

The range of helmets produced by the brand 3M is outstanding in quality and functionality. The brand ensures that the top safety features are present in their product. The brand 3M manufactures different kinds of helmets, but the welding helmets are mostly famous for their specialized design. 

These products are high cost too. But the quality and safety features make the 3M Speedglas welding helmets is listed under best welding helmet choice and a must buy for the professionals. However, the general category helmets can also offer protection to certain amount, and these are affordable too. The everyday welders can afford the price and the designs of these helmets are also impressive.

5 top 3M SPEEDGLAS Welding Helmets

We have selected a few 3M Speedglas welding helmets which may make you interested.  The ones we have listed here are available online. The qualities as well as the disputes of the helmets are discussed below, so you can take a look and decide upon which one you want to buy.

3M Speedglas 9100 welding helmet

We would like to keep 3M Speedglas 9100 welding helmet at the top of our list due to some serious causes. By the standard of 3M this is the best of the helmets that the brand has produced. This is made by turning the main shells into specialized high end helmet. The extensive features do not affect its price, as that remains much pocket friendly.

The lens of the 3M Speedglas 9100 welding helmet comes with highest optical clarity so the welding can be done as much clearly as in daylight. The helmet is made with such a design that it feels lightweight even if it is packed with features.

Usually the welding helmets come with a heavy body and the weight hurts the head of the welder after a long day’s work. But with this 3M Speedglas helmet, it will never be a problem. So this helmet also ensures that you get to work comfortably while keeping it on. You will also be avoiding the vicious weld-neck syndrome if you use this kind of light welding helmet. There is a comfortable headgear that comes along with this, and the purpose of a nice looking helmet will be served when you wear it.

There is a side window to this helmet which is a unique feature. Also it can be opened and closed, so the extra side vision is possible if you wear this helmet. You should keep the window closed as long as welding is taking place, as that will save you from any flickers that may come through. But in time of cutting, grinding or watching the proper welding place, you can keep the window open.

This specialised window will give you the view of the sides. If you wish to use TIG method on a low amp then this will come handy. The diverse process of welding is easily done with the help of 9100 welding helmet. These functionalities made this helmet number one in the list of 3M Speedglas welding helmet.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Operational side window
  • Large viewing area
  • Low to high amp TIG/MIG lens
  • Lightweight

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Non functional with solar power

3M Speedglas welding helmet 9100 (with side window)

This one is almost identical to the one we have discussed earlier. But this one is more expensive. There is a two part hood in this helmet. There is one section that will hang up and other section will open a secondary lens. The lens offers large and clear viewing area and this is really helpful when you are grinding or cutting. The transition between welding and grinding is easily seen through this helmet.

This feature is nice for the welders and a few other brands have used this feature on their welding helmets, but it is not actually a totally positive one. It increases the weight of the helmet. The extra weight makes the helmet a little unbalanced and thus makes the wearer uncomfortable while this helmet on. But those who are more into extensive grinding work prefer this one over the top pick of ours from 3M Speedglas.

This one also comes with an equally comfortable headgear. The front heavy metal is a bit problematic, but it is a nice welding helmet if you wear it for a short and extensive work schedule. The lens is of superb quality and the optical clarity is much high. As there are side windows which can be opened and closed, the helmet is a rather diverse one in terms of visualizing.  This helmet can be called one of the best helmets with excellent grinding features and visualization options. If the off-set weight difference does not bother you much, then this can be your right choice.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Adjustable side window
  • Smart headgear
  • Low-high amp TIG/MIG lens
  • Flip up hinged roof

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Front heavy
  • No operation with solar energy

3M Speedglas Trojan Warrior welding helmet

If your budget is slightly on the lesser side, then the above two options may not be satisfactory. But if you prefer to get all the great features in a pocket friendly budget, then our suggestion is 3M Speedglas Trojan Warrior welding helmet. However, we hope you are ready to compromise little bit in terms of optical clarity as this one will have less optical clarity than the previous ones. But for a budget friendly option you have a good quality lens along with a range of unique graphics.

This helmet is not exactly suitable for the low amp TIG welding. But if you need shielding during the work, you will get effective results from this helmet. There are five options for shading which is great. The shape of this helmet is similar to the 9100 welding helmet from 3M Speedglas but if you can utilize the graphics, then you will get much better a look. You can choose from seven graphic designs to choose from, like Xterminator, the Raging Skull and so on.

This helmet is great in terms of durability. Be that the hammering in workshop or the onsite work hazards, this helmet can take up everything. This one is really heavy duty and can withstand all the actions of factory or onsite work. The durability of this helmet is ensured.  We cannot call it the best one, but it is one of the good helmets that is produced by 3M Speedglas and we must not ignore the value for the money in the case of this helmet.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Various graphic options

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • No side windows
  • No operation by solar work

3M welder’s Helmet 10 with Auto darkening filter

These are few of the helmets that are made by 3M Speedglas to cater those who wish to get some quality product in budget price. These are not the best quality helmets but definitely these are much better than some high priced helmets that are available online. The round protective shell of the helmet is really user friendly.

There is an extended lip at the age of the helmet which is innovatively designed on this helmet. Your head and neck will be totally safe and protected while you will be wearing this one. The shape of the helmet makes it perfectly fitted to the head and so there is no chance of dropping it while you are working on the welding. The smooth hassle free working experience can be gained only by using this helmet.

The optical clarity of the lens is same as the Trojan warrior welding helmet. You can choose this 3M welder’s Helmet 10 with auto darkening filter over some hoods as the lens will offer you better visibility than those ones. However, this is not the best one in term of clarity.  There is a comfortable headgear like other products from 3M Speedglas so you will not feel too uncomfortable after a long day at work.

Other than its low price, which is a mentionable point, the weight of the helmet makes it a hit. This is such a lightweight helmet that you will barely feel anything wearing on your head while working on welding. It will serve you with the required protection at a pocket friendly price. This helmet will serve the purpose in a basic way, but within a budget price.  If you are satisfied with the features, then do not go for other branded options and check it for your next welding session.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Optical clarity moderate
  • No grind mode

3M Speedglas SL welding helmet

This one is probably the least favourite helmets from the 3M Speedglas range. It is not that is a non-working or malfunctioned product, but of course there are certain flaws in it. So we have kept it at the last of our 3M Speedglas helmet list. Among all the welding helmets from this brand, this one offers best neck protection.

Also there is a helpful feature in form of V shaped chin that can spatter the sparks away from the body. So there will be less chance to get a burn on your jacket.  The weight of this helmet is also much better. This is at least 25% lighter than other available helmets of this range. Due to the lightweight, you can use this helmet for a long day at work.

But the hood does not come with any grind mode. Thus this SL welding helmet is not suitable for fabricating projects as there will be more requirement grinding work. Only welding can be done greatly with this helmet on. The sensors of this helmet are poorly placed, but are functional. If the sensors go beyond any obstruction or reach an undefined angle, then the glass will not darken. The lens is auto darkening but that has some issues with the temperature. At high temperature it may not work as smoothly So if you work only in cool atmosphere the lens will work fine.  If you are working in a workshop where the temperature reaches 75 degree or more, the helmet will not be suitable for you.

You should be aware of the issues and then you will be able to use this helmet sans the situation never goes wrong.  However the price of the helmet is not very pocket friendly, so you can opt for other 3M Speedglas helmets with more features. 

Pros (What we liked)

  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable headgear
  • Good neck shielding

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Wrongly placed sensor
  • Auto darkening issue

3M Speedglas is the brand that is a favourite of almost all the welding professionals. Not always people are able to buy the right kind of welding helmets from a reputed brand. The price sometime is the issue, while the lack of information and possibilities may create a hassle. So here we have tried to offer you some hand-picked welding helmets with pros and cons. As we have kept the list secured only for 3M Speedglas welding helmets, we have not included other brands or manufacturers.

The best helmet according to us will be 3M Speedglas 9100 welding helmet, which is a lightweight one, and is full of different useful features. The most comfortable one in the entire range with the clear visibility makes this helmet our best pick.  If you look at the range of functionalities it offers, then the helmet is actually much affordable. So if you have a good budget for the welding helmet, this is a must buy.

If you are looking for something moderately priced, then 3M Speedglas Trojan Warrior welding helmet will be more suitable for you. This is the budget friendly helmet which comes with an interesting range of graphics. The look of the helmet is pretty cool, and whilst the lens is not of best quality, the visibility it offers is not that bad. This middle of the range hood is appropriate for those who are not working extensively on welding.

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