Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet review

With the increase in variation in the welding industry, it is also necessary to create and develop good gears for welders that provide the necessary protection.

Hobart is a well known industry that produces the helmets for welders. The model of Hobart that is recently launched has a number of unique features which are available to you at affordable prices.  The Hobart 770756 auto darkening helmet took more time in the designing process as compared to the other helmets. This is because the makers wanted to create this helmet as in to overcome the faults that appeared in other helmets. This helmet comes under one of the top welding helmet listed in our best list.

Review of Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Some of the features that will be provided to you by the helmet are listed below. Go through them in order to know in what ways the helmet is different from the others.

Eye protection

In the welding process a lot of light is generated. This light is nit good for the eyes. So the welders are in search of ways that can help you in protecting the eyes from the harmful rays.

This has been created by using the liquid crystal display and the LCD lens. The lens that is used will help in protecting the eyes by absorbing the rays. And due to this reason you will comfortable during your work.


The viewing area of the Hobart helmet is about 7.05 inches square. Due to this large viewing area you are able to do your work comfortably and no struggle is experienced.

Also no fog is experienced and you are able to view clearly.


For building this helmet makers have used the auto darkening lens. This lens usually is maintained on the shade 3 when in use.

When you start with the welding process, the helmet will darken automatically. This is in order to get more protection.

The darkening is also fast, that is with about 1/25000 seconds. The shades of darkening are also from 8 to 13.

These shades protect your eyes and you can comfortably work for a number of hours as your eyes wont be stressed. The lens also has the ability of switching the shades. Because the shades will vary automatically so it is preferred that you store the helmet in darker places.


This helmet has been created with a new design. This is done in order to increase comfort for the person who wears it. Also it is very light and it can be worn for a number of hours. You wont feel any neck strain or fatigue even if you work for a long time.


The helmet has been created in a way that you can tackle with the sensitivity whenever you wish to. According to this you are free to switch until you get one with which you are the most comfortable.

To get the limitless adjustments you get the controls which are simple and sensitive. You have three arc sensors in this helmet whereas you get about 2 arc sensors in the others.

And with this feature your helmet is unique.

Safety measures

In the welding department the safety is must. And it is a very important factor that is to be considered before you proceed to do anything. Also it is very important that you give extra attention to anything that will be providing you more safety. Also it is very easy to wear this helmet for long.

Shielding the face

The helmets will readily fall during the welding procedure. So it is very important for you to know that this condition us very irritating and you need to maintain your safety in any condition. But the design of this helmet is such that you need not worry. It will handle with the issues. You can tighten the hinges and also loosen them whenever you want. You can tackle with them accordingly to get the correct shielding position. If you want that your helmet stays up for long you just need to do simple adjustments. After that you can efficiently work with it. This will minimize your work and the frustrations too.

Power source

The helmet has a lithium ion battery it. You need only battery as only one would be used. And due to this reason it is reasonable and effective. Some of these batteries can also be recharged due to which you save more money.


You can preferably use these helmets in low light as it has adaptable light feature. You can use it for number of welding types that is gas welding, stick welding, inert gas welding etc.

The light that will be produced by this helmet can be effectively accommodated.


The helmet is stylish and the stylish looks of the helmet wont effect he usage in anyway. Your helmet will stand out from the rest of the helmets as it is really stylish and gas good features that motivate you to buy it.


  • It is light.
  • Has high level of comfort.
  • You can switch options for attributes.
  • It has auto darkening effect.
  • Gives protection up to great extent.
  • It is stylish.


  • You need to tighten the hinges so that it does not fall.

Some of the reviews of the welding helmet given by users are:

  • It has more number of sensors.
  • It is light and affordable.
  • It is comfortable and you have number of options to adjust the attributes.
  • It provides protection to you.


The helmet comes with a number of features and along with that it has good price for it too. It stands out from the rest of the helmets as it has a good design and also offers you protection. The welding is also made easier with this helmet as it protects you.

By using this helmet your output will increase and there will be no strain on your neck and eyes.


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