Best TIG Welder Under 1000$

TIG welding is needed and in demand for the precision welding it provides. For right reasons the online market is flooded with various TIG welders and we are here to help you choose the best tig welder to buy that also fits your budget.

Getting the right welder at right price is not an easy task. You often get to see many precious welders with different features. A few people can actually use a few welders and decide which one suits their need best. But this opportunity is not availed by all.

5 Best TIG Welders under $1000 – Reviewed

So we have done the market research and picked a few welders which you may like. We hope you will be able to choose the right welder after going through this article and it will be equivalent to a free trial of the TIG welders. However, we have taken care of the long term use of the welders, as at the beginning most of the welders work perfectly, but not all of them can stand the test of time. 

The welding machines that we have chosen for you are listed hereby, with the specs, pros and cons.

AHP Alpha TIG 200X

This is the second best machine according to our choice. This one offers best 200 amp and is priced within $1000.  The range setting is not as broad as the earlier mentioned Primeweld TIG225X, but both these welders are priced similarly. This one works great as an aluminium welder. There is high frequency arc start, and it comprises of pulse width modulation through IGBT technology. The advanced inverter technology is there to offer you right solution for the power source of this gadget.

  • The stick mode works effortlessly in this AHP Alpha TIG 200X.  You can easily strike an arc with it. However, it cannot run 6010, but that is a common issue with all the inverter sourced welders. The knob works fine to get the correct amp and so you can be assured of getting right amount of heat through it.
  • You can weld a very thin sheet like .20 mm and the welding job will be done with precision by this welder. The flow meter works well, and it also allows you to adjust the amperage well up and down. The packaging of the product is good and completely safe for the item.
  • You can weld even aluminium with this TIG and check the youtube videos to get more information about the process. The welder has regular steel headers and exhaust tubing which is a bit old school but are really effective.

The machine is truly dependable and you can use it as a beginner, to create precise weld. The price is affordable too, so that is even more reason to get a TIG of this brand. The support team is always there to offer you solution of queries and the issue will be sorted soon.

Pros (What we liked)

  • HF start
  • Foot pedal included
  • Great stick welding
  • Pulse arc capable
  • AC/DC power source

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Difficulty in digital readout

Primeweld TIG225X 

The welder we have started our list with is, Primeweld TIG225X. The amperage range reaches up to 225 amp, as mentioned in the name. This is helpful for you when you try to weld thick sections of the sheet. The settings offer a wide variety. So you can easily adjust the welder for the work of welding on any kind of sheet and with any kind of intensity. There is a foot pedal that offers better control. This is another helpful spec which will come handy during the welding process. The pedal is not very comfortable but manages the work somehow.

The pulse arc capability offers the ability of pulse welding. There is chance of changing the mode to up-slope and down-slope.  This will help you if you are not comfortable enough to work with foot pedal. So you get HF start and hand torch control as well as foot pedal welding heat control in this welder. There is advanced Inverter technology with PWM that works by IGBT technology. The set up of knobs and works are clearly marked and graphically explained so it is really easy to understand which knob works which way and on what purpose.

  • This welder offers a huge range of features and that too under $1000. This machine is pretty much compact and works efficiently. The parts are all well set, cornet brackets fit properly, the knobs are tight, switches are in place, and the connectors fit properly. The duty cycle is good and the welder did not overload usually.
  • The AC arc works smoothly and without a noise, for any frequency and balance. The flow meter in this welder works well made and properly functioning one. If you are a beginner then this welder will work wonderfully for you as this is really good when you are trying to weld really thin sheets. This is a very good welder if you wish to explore more and do some experiments on how things work for this machine. 
  •  Also if you are an instructor, you can teach the basic welding by the help of this gadget. You can weld mild steel on DC mode with precision. There is the flat butt that which offers smooth penetration and consistency.
  • The customer service is really helpful and you can reach them easily. They are ready to offer you after sales service at any point so that is an advantage of this brand. This welder will give the value of your money back and thus your investment will not be in vain.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Foot pedal
  • Pulse arc
  • Slopping function
  • HF start

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Foot pedal function not smooth

Weldpro Digital TIG200GD

This one works pretty much similarly like the Primeweld TIG225X machine that has topped our list. The smaller amperage range of this machine is capable of up to 200 amps. But the machine can be used for welding of 110 volts. This one is great for welding aluminium, and a huge range of welding operation is available with this.

Sloping function as well as detailed setting selection can be availed in this machine. So you get diverse effect of working in this machine under 200 amps. This machine is equipped with so many features that you can avail in any high priced welder. This one has got start and end amps, as well as up and down slope, AC balance and AC frequency. 

There is stock foot pedal option in it which is of professional design and rocker style. It has also got excellent pulse arc mode. The machine is capable of MMA stick welding too. However, stick welding is not done very smoothly by it, so if you need stick welding operation quite frequently then you should get something more relevant.

  • However, TIG is done effectively by this machine. You can weld aluminium and fabricate components on a car with this welder. The parts of this machine are pretty adjustable and smooth. The front of the machine is laid out with various direction and indication, as it has LEDs that offer you guidance around the arrow buttons. So operating this welder is an easy job.
  • This is truly a cost effective machine and it has got the efficiency to work on the professional level.  You have also got torch with trigger to work on unusual position, and the foot pedal will help you to work in the bench.  The pedal is sturdy enough to not slip away.
  • There is an argon regulator too in this Weldpro Digital welder. It starts running on high when you switch it on, unlike other TIG welders that wait for some time to start the fan after the transistor turns the heat on. During the high amperage the heat is kept at normal by the help of the fan.

Pros (What we liked)

  • HF start
  • Up and down slope function
  • Functional and heavy foot pedal

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Stick welding not great
  • 110 welding poor

Hyperikon Plasma Cutter

This is one of the best IGBT created by using latest technology. The plasma cutter offers adjustable output power which means you will be getting a good amount of power and work with any sheet. The duty cycle is pretty good at 60 percent. There is built in overheat protection and the insulation class F ensures the safety while operating it. Higher heat tolerance and voltage capacity offers protection from any accident. There is air regulator control which controls the air pressure as there is not air compressor to do the job. 

  • The Hyperikon Plasma cutter offers PT-31 cutting torch as well as TIG-17 torch which helps in TIG welding. This machine is able to cut the plasma as well as TIG so that is a rare combination. The price is actually amazing according to efficiency.
  • There is no aluminium welding or foot pedal in this Plasma cutter. But it works perfect as a basic TIG welder and stainless steel or aluminium sheets can be worked out efficiently. The range of 200 amp is great for such machine under $1000 and you can get best plasma cutting from a machine of this range.
  • The stick holder is also included in the package that can work up to 5 mm welding rod. The accessories include earth clamp, power cable, air hose and torch consumables. This Trifecta Plasma cutter is there to cut any aluminium or steel sheet. The machine offers smooth cutting and minimal dross build up as the amperage and cutting speed can be adjusted according to the work piece. 
  • The product is priced fairly and you will get the value of your money alright.  A zippered cloth bag is included with the package to hold the torch assembly.

The item is compact and will fit your storage properly. The brand offers 3 years unlimited warranty, which ensures the trust of the manufacturer on their product. External air supply is needed as the machine has got its air/water separator. However there is no manual available with the package and you have to depend upon your common sense, experience and youtube tutorials to get started.

Pros (What we liked)

  • Pulse arc capable
  • Inexpensive
  • HF start
  • Multi processing

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • Not capable of AC
  • No foot pedal

Lotos TIG200ACDC

This is the best TIG welder to weld aluminium in the list. This aluminium welder is affordable and works really well. It cannot be compared with the Primeweld or AHP Alpha welders but it is definitely a great welder in itself. It has got high frequency start which creates the arc in an instance. The foot pedal is present there which is uncommon in low priced welder models. Accuracy and lack of responsiveness are two issues dealt by the users of this model. Also you will not find the pulse arc, but can work with the automatic down slope settings. This is how you will be able to finish the welding job successfully.

  • This one offers dual voltage by automatic or dual frequency. This is a stick/MMA welder and it can efficiently start arc and make a stable welding arc. This is capable of creating deep weld pool and welding shape nicely. The arc starting function can be greatly improved by adjustable hot striking arc current.
  • Lotos TIG200ACDC is also capable of welding with different kinds of acidic or basic electrode. The great cooling system ensures that this plasma cutter have the stable and durable performance throughout.
  • The accessories included with this product package are power supply, TIG torch, stick clamp, foot pedal, argon regulator, converter pigtail, ground clamp, consumable set and instruction manual. You get 30 days refund in this kit so the product is trusted and well ensured to produce good result only.
  • It offers precise welding on thinner steel or aluminium sheet and the HF start hand torch control with foot pedal offers welding heat control.

This one is suitable for welding stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium or other metal sheets. The pedal control of the machine works phenomenally for the users. The torch and the pedal you get with this welder is equivalent of any high priced welder. The quality of weld it produces is really great and you can depend on this low priced model for decent welding job.

Pros (What we liked)

  • AC/DC
  • Great foot pedal
  • Great torch
  • HF start
  • Down sloping dial

Cons (What we didn't like)

  • No pulse arc
  • Welder adjustment fewer


There are various TIG welders and range of options is also incredible. It is hard to find great machine that costs less than $1000. Primeweld TIG225X is the best welding machine according to our choice as it has got everything that a good TIG welder should have. The amp is more and the cost is less, and thus we can say that this low priced model will not disappoint you.

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