Why to use a plasma cutter

Plasma cutter is a cutting tool that can cut and manipulate two- and three-dimensional metals. Plasma cutter is a best alternative for precision tools such as mechanical saw. An arc of electric current is sent through a high-speed stream of inert gas. Electrical arc ionizes the gas molecules and turns a portion into plasma which is hot enough to cut metals. Compared to mechanical saws, plasma cutter works very cleanly and produce very little debris which are easily removable and is very helpful when considering welding.

Plasma cutter

Plasm cutter can be used for cutting various metals including stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium and many other conductive metals.  Due to its preciseness, easy to use and high-speed cutting technology, plasma cutter has become popular. This tool is suitable for large scale industry’s as well as for DIY projects.  Let’s see important uses of plasma cutter.

Metal artwork 

Plasma cutter is useful for metal artists to make precise cuts in metal work. This tool helps to cut out intricate shapes. Plasma cutter allows cut along finely drawn lines, hence detailing works can be done easily. And it can also be used to create templates or stencils.

Plasma cutter is very much comfortable tool for metal repair work!  It has been proven by users that this tool can be used for repairing car , tractors , agricultural tools  etc. 

Demolition work 

Plasma cutter works very well for metal sheets , pipes , blocks during demolition work. This tool is useful to break something and leaves less debris compared to other separation methods.  Scrap metal and recycling industries also can make use of plasma cutter.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) cut 

  Plasma cutter provides a special function called CNC ( Computer Numerical Control) cutting. This enables various gears, metals and computer to make several precise cuts on  whole metal sheets , tubes , scraps . 

Two types of CNC cuts are there : 2- dimensional  , 3- dimensional

 2- dimensional :  Typically for flat sheet metals and cuts at 90 degrees . Cuts are accurate and detailed.

3- dimensional :  This has angular cutting capability. Plasma torch can be angled at any degree. Hence it can be used to create countersunk holes and chamfer edges of profiled holes.

Plasma cutters comes with affordable price and small in size. Hence these are easily portable. This makes plasma cutter useful for contractors and trade workers. It saves time and provides precise , detailed cuts. 

 DIY project enthusiasts , vehicle enthusiasts can make use of plasma cutter to ease their experimental works . This tool is also helpful for lawn movers , plumbers , home repairing works  and many more household works.  Plasma cutter is an extremely versatile tool that is useful for many types of work situations. 

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