Tips to Staying Safe While Welding

Welding is a process of fabrication where we join two or more parts by means of heat, pressure or both the parts forming a joint as the parts cool. Welding is usually done on metals and thermoplastics but nowadays it is also done on wood too. The joints that are welded are called as weldment.

As we know welding is a process in which the heat and pressure is used for joining two parts and that means it is quite dangerous if we do not perform the welding process under the safety guidelines. One should be very careful while welding as it could be life risking if proper care is not taken.


10 Tips for Improving Welding Safety

So in this article we will discuss the various tips to stay safe while welding. These tips are to be very carefully followed you are a beginner welder.The tips to stay safe while welding are as follows:-

  • Welding boots should be used while welding and these boots are quite similar to work boots and they are recommended to wear as they can withstand the electric currents quite safely while also bearing with heat and also it bears the impact that a welding workshop puts on them. Even if some metal falls on to your foot so these shoes have metal guards that can save you from that and they are also useful to keep your laces from getting burned.
  • One should also wear welding helmets while doing welding works. These helmets are not ordinary helmets, but are designed for welding for protecting your face and eyes from the harmful heat and UV radiation rays that is emitted during the welding process. As if we will not wear helmets we have to bear with burns for either long or short period of time depending up on the duration of exposure.
  • Another important safety gear that is important to wear while welding is the gloves as we tend to touch the hot surfaces or the surfaces that are just being welded and also there are times when there is spattering from burning holes and that can burn your hands. For this purpose we need gloves and also the exposure to the welding burns can also cause some serious problems like skin cancer in the long run.
  • The welding jackets are recommended to wear as it is resistant to heat, fire and spatter. They usually made of leather with full sleeves and turtle neck which will help you to protect from burns and fire.
  • Respirators should also be used while welding as it helps you to breathe clean air through it. They remove the harmful gases and substances from the air and creates a different environment that is safe for you to breathe. It is a must to have respirator while doing the welding.
  • Welding in the rain should be avoided as the electrical risk is increased during that time. As we know electrical welding can harness high levels of voltage to produce an arc that is of very high temperature. Also there is a danger of getting high voltage of shock. So if you want to make any changes inside the machine do that when the machine is off.
  • Always try to be safe from heat as it can lead to severe burns. You can do that while wearing the above mentioned gears and also the way with which you handle the hot objects can help you to mitigate the burns.
  • The positioning of the person while welding is also an important aspect while welding. Try to position yourself far to the side possible before starting the welding. Try that the welding should be done below or in front position of the welder not above head as the chances of burns increases in that case.
  • Try to minimize the fire hazards in the place where the welding is taking place by keeping fire extinguishers always with you and also keep away all the flammable stuff from the place where the welding process is taking place.

As we know there are many risks while doing welding and some risks are too dangerous that it can also risk our lives. So by following the above tips you can reduce the risk to a very high level and can be safe while welding. These steps are easy to follow and should be encouraged for following them strictly and if not taken care of these small things one can even risk their lives.

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