Watching the Solar Eclipse with Welding Helmet

A welding helmet is a type of head gear or an essential used while doing welding and it is also referred to as hood. It is one of the most important gear to use while doing welding. The welding helmet protects the welder from severe sparks, vision damaging caused due to the UV rays and infrared rays that are emitted by the arc. A welding helmet should be light in weight and also well balanced in order to ensure that you can work comfortably with it throughout the day and save yourself from spatters and harmful light rays.

solarEclipse with welding helmet

Can you wear a welding helmet to watch the Eclipse?

We will talk about watching the solar eclipse with a welding helmet. Whether it is recommended or not? These types of questions come in our mind while using a welding helmet for watching a solar eclipse.

Following are the precautions and the steps on how to use a welding helmet while watching the solar eclipse and why it is recommended:-

NASA recommends that one can use a welding helmet for watching the solar eclipse only and only if the helmets are having shades 12 or higher. As these shades are much darker than the filters used during most types of welding or are used generally for welding.

Another thing they recommend is that the welding helmet should not be old or the used one which have scratches or cracks on it as it can also cause harm to your eyes due to the harmful rays that are emitted during the solar eclipse.

  • If the person is wearing a glass then they can wear the welding helmet over the glass as it will help you to have a better vision and not a blurred one.
  • It is also recommended that one should avoid using telescope or binocular while using the welding helmet, as this not a good idea to use them along with the welding helmet, so completely avoid these mistakes for your safety.
  • The another very important step to follow is avoid looking to the solar eclipse for a very long time as it can damage or eyes and in worst cases can damage them and may even cause vision loss or blinding of person.
  • One should avoid using homemade glasses while watching the solar eclipse as we require eye protection while watching the solar eclipse due to the emission of the harmful solar radiations such as UV rays, infrared rays, etc.
  • Also the glass used on the welding helmet should have the certification information and ISO 12312-2 international standard.
  • The welding helmet should not be too old at least not older than 3 years that is used for viewing of solar eclipse.
  • It is recommended only to use the equipment while watching a solar eclipse that are certified as they are regulated internationally and are safe for the usage.

Using a welding helmet for viewing a solar eclipse is a safe option but the few precautions should be taken that are mentioned above to be safe and so that no damage is caused to your precious eyes.

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